Objects & Places from Furious Gulf

Gregory Benford
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This is the spaceship of the Family Bishop.

True Center

This is at the core of the cosmos.

The Chandelier

This is a beautiful crystal space station city of spires.

The Bridge

This is the command center of the Bishops' spaceship.

Blaine Arcology

This is a refugee camp on the Bishops' home planet.


This is the planet on which the Bishops lived in the Citadel refuge.

Besik Bay

This is a man-made refuge that allows ships to cool from the high intensity particle pounding of their hulls near the black hole.

The Esty

This is a shifting, spaghetti-like collection of Lanes, each home to a distinctive environment and fauna.

Port Athena

This is one entrance to the dwarf city, where the Argo crew must appear before the judge.


This can reproduce any person who ever lived, from a tissue sample and a memory reserve.

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