Furious Gulf Fun Activities

Gregory Benford
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Drawing activity--Prologue

Draw a picture of the alien.

Write dialogue--The Sail-Snake

Write a dialogue between Toby and Quath.

Write a poem--Pale Immensities

Write a Haiku or other poem to describe the Chandelier.

Select music--The Shredded Star

Select or create music to accompany the "shredding" process. This may be existing music or music/a beat that you create yourself.

Create a map--The Aperture Moment

Create a color-coded map based on the map provided by the Magnetic Mind.

Create a puzzle--The Cyaneans

Create a word search or other puzzle with words from The Cyaneans. The words may be people, places, or things.

Make a comic--The Cyaneans

Make a comic strip or story board of the mech "conversation" in this chapter.

Time warp--Deep Reality

How might your everyday activities be different in the time pit?

Role play--The Far Black

Imagine that Quath was with Toby and the others. How do you...

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