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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Peggy tell Hildy at the end of the play in Act 3, Part 3?
(a) That she loves him just the way he is.
(b) That she thinks he should stay and write for the newspaper.
(c) That she needs the money he took before.
(d) That they missed their train.

2. How does the sheriff recognize the gun as the one Williams had in Act 3, Part 2?
(a) It is the same type of gun that Williams owns.
(b) He saw it when Williams escaped.
(c) It matches the description from the witnesses.
(d) It is his gun.

3. What is Hildy talking about repeatedly at the beginning of Act 2, Part 5?
(a) His money.
(b) Williams escaping.
(c) What Mollie did.
(d) The other reporters and their actions.

4. What does Burns explain the story is really about to Hildy in Act 2, Part 5?
(a) Murder.
(b) Socialism.
(c) Political corruption.
(d) The sheriff's incompetence.

5. What does Burns say about Mrs. Grant to discredit her story in Act 3, Part 2?
(a) That she is drunk.
(b) That she is an angry ex mother-in-law.
(c) That she is senile.
(d) That she is blackmailing him.

6. Who does Peggy blame for distracting Hildy in Act 2, Part 5?
(a) Burns.
(b) Mollie.
(c) The sheriff.
(d) Williams.

7. In Act 2, Part 3, what does the mayor tell the sheriff almost cost them the election a couple of years ago?
(a) The mayor's mistake.
(b) The press's mistake.
(c) The voters' mistake.
(d) The sheriff's mistake.

8. What is Hildy trying to do as Williams falls from the window?
(a) Call the Sheriff.
(b) Call Burns.
(c) Leave.
(d) Get more money from Louie.

9. What job does Burns offer Bensinger as a way to get him to leave in Act 3, Part 1?
(a) Covering sports.
(b) A weekly column.
(c) Cleaning the offices.
(d) Writing poetry.

10. Towards the end of Act 2, Part 3, as Hildy bangs on the door, what does the mayor advise the sheriff?
(a) Don't open the door.
(b) Arrest Hildy.
(c) Go out through the back door.
(d) Be calm.

11. What causes Hildy to hang up the phone angrily in the beginning of Act 2, Part 4?
(a) He learns that Williams may have escaped from the city.
(b) He learns that Burns is not using his story.
(c) He learns that Burns has not sent the money over yet.
(d) He learns that Williams may have been shot.

12. What character's actions earlier in the play are similar to Burns' actions with Bensinger in Act 3, Part 1?
(a) Murphy.
(b) The mayor.
(c) McCue.
(d) Louie.

13. Who interrupts the sheriff's plans at the end of Act 3, Part 2?
(a) Endicott.
(b) Peggy.
(c) Louie.
(d) Mollie.

14. Who sends the reprieve to cancel the execution in Act 2, Part 3?
(a) The governor.
(b) The senator.
(c) The state representative.
(d) The president.

15. Who does the sheriff pretend to be on the phone in Act 3, Part 2?
(a) Hildy.
(b) Mollie.
(c) The mayor.
(d) Burns.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mrs. Grant inadvertently reveal to the other reporters in her attempt to get Hildy to leave with her in Act 2, Part 4?

2. What does the sheriff do after hearing the mayor's instructions in Act 3, Part 3?

3. What does Burns tell the mayor, after being arrested in Act 3, Part 3?

4. What is it about Hildy's story that causes Burns and Hildy to argue in Act 3, Part 1?

5. Why does the messenger give the mayor back the reprieve in Act 3, Part 3?

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