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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Burns tell Hildy on the phone in Act 2, Part 4 after hearing that Williams is with him?
(a) He will give Hildy a lot more money.
(b) He will be there in a few hours.
(c) He is coming right over.
(d) He doesn't believe him.

2. After his phone conversation, what does the Sheriff do in Act 3, Part 2?
(a) He arrests Mollie and Hildy.
(b) He arrests Mollie, Hildy, and Burns.
(c) He arrests Bensinger.
(d) He arrests Hildy and Burns.

3. Who does Peggy blame for distracting Hildy in Act 2, Part 5?
(a) Burns.
(b) The sheriff.
(c) Williams.
(d) Mollie.

4. What are Hildy and Burns charged with in Act 3, Part 3?
(a) Harboring a fugitive.
(b) Obstruction of justice.
(c) Murder.
(d) Corruption.

5. How long does Burns think it will take his men to get there at the beginning of Act 3, Part 1?
(a) Ten minutes.
(b) Fifteen minutes.
(c) An hour.
(d) A half hour.

6. Where does Williams reveal to Mollie that he has been hiding in Act 2, Part 4?
(a) The sheriff's closet.
(b) The roof.
(c) The train station.
(d) The bus station.

7. As he escorts the messenger out in Act 2, Part 3, what does the Mayor tell him to do?
(a) Join the other deputies in searching for Williams.
(b) Lay low for a while.
(c) Get out of town.
(d) Call the police.

8. What does Burns keep asking Hildy at the beginning of Act 2, Part 5?
(a) Where the other reporters are.
(b) Where Williams is.
(c) Where Mollie is.
(d) Where the sheriff is.

9. What does Mrs. Grant inadvertently reveal to the other reporters in her attempt to get Hildy to leave with her in Act 2, Part 4?
(a) That Hildy isn't getting married.
(b) That Hildy helped Williams escape from his examination.
(c) That Hildy has caught a murderer.
(d) That Hildy shot the psychiatrist.

10. What are the reporters doing as they phone in their stories in Act 3, Part 3?
(a) Asking for raises.
(b) Making up details.
(c) Trying to impress Burns so he will hire them.
(d) Stealing Hildy's reporting.

11. What does Peggy tell Hildy at the end of the play in Act 3, Part 3?
(a) That she loves him just the way he is.
(b) That she needs the money he took before.
(c) That she thinks he should stay and write for the newspaper.
(d) That they missed their train.

12. How much money does Louie agree to give Hildy for an IOU?
(a) Two hundred and fifty dollars.
(b) One hundred and fifty dollars.
(c) One hundred dollars.
(d) Two hundred dollars.

13. What does Peggy accuse Hildy of during their argument in Act 2, Part 5?
(a) Not loving her.
(b) Lying to her.
(c) Corruption.
(d) Knowing where Williams is.

14. What job does Burns offer Bensinger as a way to get him to leave in Act 3, Part 1?
(a) Cleaning the offices.
(b) Writing poetry.
(c) A weekly column.
(d) Covering sports.

15. What are the reporters urging the Sheriff to do in Act 3, Part 2?
(a) Shoot Hildy.
(b) Find Mrs. Grant.
(c) Shoot Burns.
(d) Question Hildy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Hildy hide Williams as the other reporters are coming back in Act 2, Part 4?

2. What does Hildy admit to Peggy during their argument in Act 2, Part 5?

3. What does the sheriff tell the warden in Act 3, Part 3?

4. Where does the sheriff look for Williams originally in Act 3, Part 2?

5. What is Burns planning to do with Williams in Act 2, Part 5?

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