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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act 2, Part 1, what is obvious when comparing Hildy to the other reporters?
(a) Hildy is getting paid more for his story.
(b) Hildy is a better reporter.
(c) Hildy has a better editor.
(d) Hildy is a worse reporter.

2. How much money does Hildy tell the other reporters he has received as a gift?
(a) Five hundred dollars.
(b) Two hundred dollars.
(c) Three hundred dollars.
(d) One thousand dollars.

3. What pace does the play set during Act 1, Part 1, particularly where the dialogue is concerned?
(a) A slow pace with very little conversation.
(b) A slow pace with many conversations going on.
(c) A fast pace with many conversations going on.
(d) A fast pace with average conversation.

4. What does Louie inform the reporters his new job title is in Act 1, Part 2?
(a) Staff reporter.
(b) Assistant editor.
(c) Opinion columnist.
(d) Circulation manager.

5. What city is Hildy's train going to, according to the tickets he shows the other reporters?
(a) San Francisco.
(b) New York.
(c) St. Louis.
(d) Cleveland.

6. Who brings Mrs. Grant, Peggy's mother, in during Act 2, Part 2?
(a) The sheriff.
(b) Burns.
(c) McCue.
(d) Woodenshoes.

7. What comment do the reporters make about Hildy's appearance in Act 1, Part 3?
(a) He is well dressed and groomed.
(b) He needs a haircut soon.
(c) He is a mess.
(d) He isn't wearing a hat.

8. What upsets Kruger when he hears about Hildy quitting in Act 1, Part 1?
(a) That Hildy didn't say goodbye.
(b) That he never met Hildy.
(c) That he is Hildy's best friend.
(d) That he never got the chance to work with Hildy.

9. What does the woman report to McCue, the reporter, at the beginning of Act 1, Part 1?
(a) A domestic disturbance.
(b) A burglary.
(c) A stolen car.
(d) A peeping tom.

10. As we learn in Act 1, Part 1, why is Bensinger protective of his desk?
(a) He is obsessed with germs.
(b) He is hiding things in the desk drawers.
(c) He recently got a new desk and phone.
(d) He doesn't like other reporters reading his files.

11. When does Mollie say she saw Williams in Act 1, Part 4?
(a) Two days before the shooting.
(b) Three hours before the shooting.
(c) The day before the shooting.
(d) One hour before the shooting.

12. Why do the other reporters not believe that Hildy has actually quit when they hear the news in Act 1, Part 1?
(a) They don't think he can do any other job.
(b) They think he is making too much money to leave.
(c) They are positive that he is happy with his job.
(d) They don't think his boss would have let him leave.

13. What story is McCue investigating at the end of Act 1, Part 1?
(a) A murder.
(b) Another fire.
(c) A stolen car.
(d) A missing girl.

14. What is Murphy's version of how Williams escaped?
(a) He bribed a police officer.
(b) He had an accomplice who helped him escape.
(c) He overpowered the psychiatrist with a gun and ran into the street.
(d) A tear gas bomb exploded, causing enough of a commotion for him to escape.

15. What does Burns say he will help Mrs. Schlosser with in Act 1, Part 2?
(a) Finding a good lawyer.
(b) Getting a job.
(c) Money.
(d) Talking to the other reporters.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the authors signaling in Act 2, Part 1 with Hildy's account of the jailbreak?

2. What is Woodenshoes being sent to get for the reporters in Act 1, Part 2?

3. What is the name of Hildy's paper that he is leaving?

4. Who was the only person to defend Williams at his trial?

5. How does the sheriff suggest to the reporters they can get more tickets to the hanging?

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