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1. Describe the press room in the beginning of The Front Page, and how it relates to the overall pace of the play in general.

The press room is very active and noisy, with several reporters playing poker while others are trying to talk over them. There are many different conversations going on at once, which represents the quick pace and dialogue of the play itself.

2. What is the general attitude of the reporters in Act 1, Part 1?

The reporters are loud, rude, and above all, impatient. They are waiting for the next big story to break, and until then they are using all of their energies to feed their bad habits and personality traits.

3. What is the response to the fire alarm ringing by the reporters in Act 1, Part 1, and what does it say about their characters?

When the fire alarm rings, it catches their attention initially, but once they learn it is too far away to cover, they go back to the poker game. This illustrates the laziness of the reporters, despite their ambition to get a huge story.

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