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Objective: Act 1, Part 1 Act 1, Part 1 sets the stage and the pace for the play by depicting the press room that the reporters wait for a story in. This lesson will be about the pace, the style used by the authors, and how the reporters are portrayed.

1) Class Discussion: The press room in Act 1, Part 1 shows how fast paced the press room is, both in dialogue and in the patience of the reporters. What are some examples of the multiple things going on? What are some examples of the simultaneous dialogue and multiple conversations taking place? How do the authors relay the impatience of the reporters to the audience? What are the reporters impatient about? In general, what impression does the beginning of the play give about the press?

2) Split the class up into small groups. Each group will examine one event that happens in Act 1, Part 1 that...

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