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Act 1, Part 1

• The noisy press room of the Criminal Courts Building sets the stage with impatient reporters waiting for the next story.

• As the reporters play poker, Walter Burns calls looking for Hildy Johnson, who has quit his job with the paper to get married.

• Bensinger, a reporter, shows his obsession with germs and has no new information on an upcoming hanging.

Act 1, Part 2

• Mrs. Schlosser is treated rudely as she enters the press room looking for her husband, a reporter.

• Woodenshoes, a police officer, shares more details about the hanging of Earl Williams, which the reporters are trying to get rescheduled at an earlier time.

• Diamond Louie, a former member of the local mob, announces that he is working for Burns as the new Circulation Manager, and that Hildy's decision to quit is temporary.

Act 1, Part 3

• Hildy explains to the reporters how he is planning to quit...

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