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Thomas Friedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Israel, how do Jews define their Jewish identity?
(a) By their place of birth.
(b) By their rabbi.
(c) By their synagogue affiliation.
(d) By their relationship to Israel and the state.

2. What goal do the Palestinians announce for the intifada?
(a) The beginning of a Palestinian state.
(b) A Palestianian government.
(c) The end to Israeli occupation.
(d) None.

3. Which rabbi believes that Judaism is a way of life, not a bunch of ritualistic practices?
(a) Eliezer Waldman.
(b) Nota Schiller.
(c) Shimon Tsimhe.
(d) David Hartman.

4. When does Friedman decide to leave Beirut?
(a) April, 1984.
(b) February, 1984.
(c) May, 1984.
(d) March, 1984.

5. What country does Friedman find has similarities to Israel?
(a) Palestine.
(b) Jordan.
(c) Syria.
(d) Lebanon.

6. Older Palestinians grew up under the rule of what country or countries?
(a) Syria.
(b) Israel.
(c) The Ottoman Empire.
(d) Jordan and Egypt.

7. Friedman becomes the project of what rabbi?
(a) Ze'ev Chafets.
(b) Shimon Tsimhe.
(c) Eliezer Waldman.
(d) Nota Schiller.

8. What happens when the communications go dead after the PLO departure?
(a) Friedman goes into the street.
(b) The shelling ends.
(c) Friedman misses his deadline.
(d) The shelling begins.

9. According to Friedman, the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli problem must be what kind of solution?
(a) Multi-national.
(b) Military.
(c) Diplomatic.
(d) Tribal.

10. What is the first settlement in Hebron?
(a) Kibbutz Hahotrim.
(b) Kiryat Arba.
(c) Sinai.
(d) Galut.

11. What issue does Friedman think the Israelis are avoiding during the national election campaign in 1984?
(a) How to avoid war with the Arabs.
(b) How to deal with the Arab countires.
(c) What to do about the lack of water in desert areas.
(d) What to do with the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

12. How often is Friedman's neighborhood shelled?
(a) At least once a week.
(b) At least once a month.
(c) Almost every night.
(d) At least two-three times a week.

13. When do Americans begin to learn about the "real" Israel?
(a) 1980.
(b) 1973.
(c) 1967.
(d) 1970.

14. Where does Ze'ev Chafets grow up?
(a) New York.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Jerusalem.
(d) Detroit.

15. The intifada marks the beginning of what for the Palestinians?
(a) Violence agains the Israelis.
(b) Solidarity.
(c) Economic disaster.
(d) New Israeli rules.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Friedman's friend returns to Israel after living in Germany for two years, how does he define that time in Germany?

2. George Schultz travels to the Middle East to work out a peace settlement between what countries or groups?

3. Where is Friedman when he decides to leave Beirut?

4. Problems in the Middle East represent a dream that is what?

5. When it becomes known that Friedman is leaving Israel, what do people ask him?

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