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Thomas Friedman
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Kahan Commission investigate?
(a) The PLO.
(b) The Israeli invasion of Lebanon.
(c) The Insraeli invasion of Beirut.
(d) The Sabra and Shatila massacre.

2. The Commodore Hotel acts as a fixer to what group of people?
(a) PLO.
(b) Journalists.
(c) Israelis.
(d) Police.

3. Who brokers the peace agreement between Lebanon and Israel in 1983?
(a) United States.
(b) Egypt.
(c) Greece.
(d) Syria.

4. Friedman says that Sharon is a classic example of what?
(a) Great military leadership.
(b) Great leadership.
(c) True friendship.
(d) False leadership.

5. According to Friedman, who is the first person who wants U.S. troops in Beirut?
(a) al-Wazzan.
(b) Arafat.
(c) Sharon.
(d) Gemayel.

6. When do the U.S. Marines arrive in Beirut the first time?
(a) September, 1982.
(b) February, 1982.
(c) September, 1981.
(d) August, 1982.

7. Why does Friedman refer to Yasir Arafat as the "teflon guerrilla"?
(a) Because Arafat frequently slipped through police hands.
(b) Because Friedman thought Arafat was sleazy.
(c) Because nothing stuck to Arafat and no matter what, he came out on top.
(d) Because Arafat could slip in and out of Lebanon without notice.

8. When do the Marines finish their withdrawal from Beirut?
(a) March 26, 1984.
(b) February 1, 1984.
(c) January 30, 1984.
(d) February 26, 1984.

9. How long do Friedman and his wife stay in the Middle East?
(a) 5 years.
(b) 15 years.
(c) 10 years.
(d) 8 years.

10. Where does Friedman spend his high school summers?
(a) Tel Aviv.
(b) Jerusalem.
(c) Kibbutz Hahotrim.
(d) Haifa.

11. Over time, who does Friedman learn to want to talk to for his information?
(a) The other journalists' fixers.
(b) The police.
(c) The people who work in the hotel.
(d) The people who will not accept him in their clubs.

12. Friedman compares Beirut before the war to what city?
(a) Jerusalem.
(b) Athens.
(c) Cairo.
(d) New York.

13. Where does much of Arafat's support come from?
(a) Refugee camps in Egypt.
(b) Refugee camps of Lebanon, Jordan and Syria.
(c) Terrorists.
(d) Egypt.

14. When do the Marines leave Beirut for the first time?
(a) January, 1982.
(b) October, 1982.
(c) August, 1982.
(d) September, 1982.

15. When does Gemayel's government quit?
(a) March, 1984.
(b) January, 1984.
(c) February, 1984.
(d) December, 1983.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do the Hezbollah come into existence?

2. Where does the Palestine National Council meet in February, 1983?

3. Who does Friedman work for after graduating from Oxford?

4. What does Friedman say becomes a more threatening problem than Arafat?

5. Where does Friedman go when the fighting begins as curfew goes into effect?

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