Objects & Places from From Beirut to Jerusalem

Thomas Friedman
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

The birthplace of the author.

Kibbutz Hahotrim

The kibbutz where the author spends his summers.

Oxford University

The place where the author does graduate work in Middle Eastern Studies.

London, England

The location of the author's first job in journalism.

Beirut, Lebanon

The place where the author was a UPI correspondent.

The Commodore Hotel

The meeting place for journalists.

Hama, Syria

The site of a Syrian government massacre in February, 1982.

The Green Line

Separates Muslim from Christian in a Middle East city.

Sabra and Shatila Refugee Camps

The site of a three-day massacre in September, 1982.

Tunis, Tunisia

The home of the PLO after they leave Lebanon.

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