From Beirut to Jerusalem Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Thomas Friedman
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Prelude: From Minneapolis to Beirut

• The book opens with Friedman and his wife Ann boarding a flight to Beirut from Geneva in June, 1979.

• This begins their 10-year stay in the Middle East.

• Friedman became fascinated with the Middle East when he visited there as a teen.

• He studies about Israel and the Middle East beginning in high school, continuing through college and graduate school, where he earns a Master's in Middle Eastern history and politics at Oxford, England.

• His journalism career begins during graduate school when he writes OP Ed pieces.

• When he graduates from Oxford in June, 1978, he takes a job with United Press International in the London Bureau.

• Soon after his arrival at UPI, the Iranian Revolution and oil crisis occurs.

• He becomes the UPI London Bureau oil expert through his hard work and research.

• In 1979, he is sent to Beirut as a correspondent.

• Lebanon has...

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