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Forward, "Frightful Takes Off" - "The Wilderness Tests of the Eyases"

• NOTE: The following version of this book was used in the creation of this lesson plan: George, Jean Craighead. Frightful’s Mountain. Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, 1999.

• Frightful’s Mountain is the sequel to My Side of the Mountain and On the Far Side of the Mountain.

• The Foreword of this novel is written by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and describes the impact of Jean Craighead George’s first novel of the series, My Side of the Mountain (1959). This book influenced Kennedy and many others in their pursuit as falconers and led Kennedy to his work as an environmental attorney.

• The narrative of this novel is related from a third-person omniscient narrator with focus on the protagonist, a peregrine falcon named Frightful.

• Prior to the first chapter, the author provides a brief montage in which Frightful...

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