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Hans Peter Richter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as Friedrich is eating?
(a) Friedrich begins sobbing.
(b) The police pound on the door.
(c) Friedrich slumps over dead asleep.
(d) The sirens begin to wail.

2. What does Friedrich do?
(a) Helps his dad collect junk.
(b) Still goes to school.
(c) Works for the narrator's father.
(d) Fixes lamps.

3. Why do they decide not to let Friedrich stay?
(a) Because Resch threatens to report them all.
(b) Because Friedrich has no identification.
(c) Because no one is allowed in after the raid starts.
(d) Because Friedrich is a Jew.

4. Why does Friedrich leave his apartment?
(a) To look for his father.
(b) For fear that Resch will call the police.
(c) To pawn some goods from the apartment.
(d) To find some food.

5. How is Friedrich?
(a) It is never told what happens to him.
(b) He is fine and had just fallen asleep.
(c) He is alive, but hurt.
(d) He is dead.

6. What does the attendant do?
(a) Slaps Friedrich for swimming in the pool.
(b) Refuses to allow Friedrich to change in the locker room.
(c) Calls the police.
(d) Tears up Friedrich's id.

7. How does the girl silence Friedrich on an outing?
(a) With a scream.
(b) By covering his mouth with her hand.
(c) With a kiss.
(d) By asking him to hush.

8. What does the doctor begin chanting as Frau Schneider is dying?
(a) The 23rd psalm.
(b) The Book of Genesis.
(c) The Lord's Prayer.
(d) "Hear O Israel."

9. What is the rabbi sewing on his clothes?
(a) Yellow stars of David.
(b) The swastika.
(c) Patches.
(d) Hidden pockets.

10. What does Herr Schneider start to say?
(a) "Go to..."
(b) "You were right, Herr..."
(c) "You bas..."
(d) "You are going to burn..."

11. What does the narrator tell his mother about his activities?
(a) That he was staying after school to help the teacher.
(b) Nothing.
(c) That he was with schoolboys at the pool.
(d) That he was listening to Hitler who was mesmerizing.

12. How does Herr Schneider earn money?
(a) Polishing lamps.
(b) Collecting junk and selling it.
(c) As a janitor.
(d) Scribing for others.

13. Where is Friedrich?
(a) In the narrator's apartment.
(b) On the stoop.
(c) No where to be seen.
(d) In the back yard.

14. What does the narrator's family do when told to go inside their apartment?
(a) Stand where they are.
(b) Go inside.
(c) Spit on Herr Resch.
(d) Try to attack the policeman.

15. Why does the narrator's family not sleep the night the rabbi and Herr Schneider are taken?
(a) Worrying they may be next.
(b) Wondering if Herr Resch will turn on them.
(c) Thinking about how far Germany has fallen morally.
(d) Because of worrying about Friedrich.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the boys do while circling the town?

2. What do they announce when the lights come on?

3. What does Schuster demand of the boys when he sees Friedrich?

4. Who are Schloime and Gitte?

5. Why does Herr Schneider knock on the narrator's door late at night?

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