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Hans Peter Richter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the narrator's mother is ready?
(a) She dresses herself and the narrator warmly.
(b) She calls her mother.
(c) She calls to Friedrich's mother to come up for tea.
(d) She takes the cake out of the oven.

2. Where is the narrator's apartment?
(a) In a small village.
(b) In London.
(c) In the Resch home.
(d) In Bonn.

3. Why does the housekeeper work?
(a) She is bored at home and likes buying things.
(b) She is a widow.
(c) She enjoys housework.
(d) She has eight children to support.

4. What does the landlord want?
(a) The next three month's rent in advance.
(b) To ask that the Schnieders move to the basement apartment.
(c) To reprimand Friedrich.
(d) That the Schneiders vacate their apartment.

5. With what does Friedrich greet a man outside the Meyer department store?
(a) Heil Hitler.
(b) Guten Tag.
(c) A "grown-up" handshake.
(d) A solemn nod.

6. Why must the housekeeper's husband be careful?
(a) His cousin is married to a Jew.
(b) He is a foreman at a Nazi weapons manufacturing plant.
(c) He is a former Communist.
(d) His job is precarious.

7. What teacher asks his students to remain after school in his class?
(a) Herr Reichter.
(b) Herr Jakob.
(c) Teacher Neudorf.
(d) Mr. Rosenthal.

8. Whose office sign has a the word "Jew" scrawled across it?
(a) The stationery shop.
(b) Dr. Jakob Askenase.
(c) Friedrich's father's shop.
(d) The bakery shop.

9. What does Friedrich do with his candy?
(a) Gives it back to the baker as he does not like it.
(b) Hoards it in his room.
(c) Shares with everyone.
(d) Drops it out the window by accident.

10. What has left Mr. Schneider?
(a) Hope.
(b) Courage.
(c) Hatred.
(d) Fear.

11. What does the narrator warn Friedrich not to reveal?
(a) That Friedrich is Jewish.
(b) That Friedrich is not a Nazi.
(c) That the narrator has no money.
(d) That the narrator is a year too young to join the group.

12. How does the narrator's family prepare for the grandfather's visit?
(a) Going to the governement to request larger quarters.
(b) No preparations are necessary.
(c) Sending the narrator to stay with the Schneiders.
(d) Cleaning and buying special coffee.

13. How does Mr. Schneider answer the narrator's father?
(a) That there is nowhere else to go.
(b) That the Jewish quarter is full.
(c) That he has no money to spend.
(d) That he will stop so as not to endanger the narrator's family.

14. What does Friedrich have for his outfit?
(a) A old WWI helmet.
(b) A toy rifle.
(c) A grand ring.
(d) A yellow star of David.

15. What happens when Friedrich misses the ball that the narrator throws?
(a) The ball rolls down a hill into the water.
(b) The ball breaks a store window.
(c) A dog catches the ball.
(d) The ball hits a Nazi soldier.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what does the the shop owner threaten Friedrich?

2. In what language is the dinner ceremony conducted?

3. Who clears the snow?

4. What does Mr. Schneider ask of the narrator's father?

5. What is Friedrich explaining to the narrator?

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