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Hans Peter Richter
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do parents traditionally do on the first day of school?
(a) Have a celebration.
(b) Dress their children in lederhosen.
(c) Have a barbeque.
(d) Go to the movies.

2. What is the problem with Mr. Schneider?
(a) He finds out he has an incurable disease.
(b) He did not get a big promotion because the company is doing poorly.
(c) He lost his job because he is Jewish.
(d) He hurt a man badly on the job today.

3. What happens when Mrs. Schneider goes to talk with the housekeeper?
(a) The housekeeper says she can no longer work for Mrs. Schneider.
(b) The housekeeper have moved.
(c) The housekeeper wants a raise.
(d) The housekeeper has been arrested.

4. With what does Friedrich win over the narrator?
(a) A doll with real hair.
(b) His winsome grin.
(c) A cuckoo whistle.
(d) A toy tank.

5. What does Mr. Schneider offer the shop keeper?
(a) Help with organizing her shop.
(b) A valuable piece of jewelry.
(c) Money to fix the window.
(d) Nothing.

6. With what does Friedrich greet a man outside the Meyer department store?
(a) A "grown-up" handshake.
(b) A solemn nod.
(c) Guten Tag.
(d) Heil Hitler.

7. How does the grandfather admonish his son?
(a) By saying he should have gotten a job with the railroad.
(b) By saying his home is dirty.
(c) By telling his son how to invest his money.
(d) By saying that the grandfather's wife would never live in such a dump.

8. What does the officer tell the narrator?
(a) To pay the shop owner.
(b) To go home and be quiet.
(c) To stick up for Friedrich.
(d) He is too young to understand how sneaky and dishonest the Jews are.

9. What do the narrator and Friedrich think about the landlord's demand?
(a) They think he is being unreasonable.
(b) They think he is wise.
(c) They do not understand.
(d) They think moving to the basement will be exciting.

10. What does Herr Resch yell at Friedrich?
(a) To get back inside as it is too cold.
(b) To get off his rose bushes.
(c) To build the snowman off the sidewalk.
(d) To wait for the narrator.

11. What sign is one man carrying outside Mr. Rosenthal's shop?
(a) "Take precautions for the flu."
(b) "Jews welcome here."
(c) "Go home Brits."
(d) "Don't buy from Jews."

12. When is the narrator born?
(a) One week before Friedrich.
(b) One week before Friedrich.
(c) A year after Friedrich.
(d) On the same day as Friedrich.

13. Whose office sign has a the word "Jew" scrawled across it?
(a) The bakery shop.
(b) Dr. Jakob Askenase.
(c) The stationery shop.
(d) Friedrich's father's shop.

14. What does the teacher tell the students?
(a) That they must all join Jungvolk.
(b) A brief history of the Jews and the persecution they have endured.
(c) That school is no longer going to meet.
(d) That war is coming and they must start thinking like soldiers.

15. What does the narrator's mother do while his father is looking for a job?
(a) Is a secretary for the Nazi party.
(b) Babysits six neighborhood children.
(c) Keeps the house clean.
(d) Washes other people's laundry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Friedrich's father ask him?

2. About what do the children tease Mr. Rosenthal?

3. What does Mrs. Schneider explain about the mezuzah?

4. For whom does the narrator's grandfather work?

5. Who has a serious talk?

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