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Hans Peter Richter
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through "Conversation on the Stairs (1933)".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Herr Resch yell at Friedrich?
(a) To build the snowman off the sidewalk.
(b) To get back inside as it is too cold.
(c) To get off his rose bushes.
(d) To wait for the narrator.

2. Who addresses the meeting?
(a) Hitler.
(b) The narrator's father.
(c) Herr Himler.
(d) A dwarf dressed in a brown uniform.

3. What do parents traditionally do on the first day of school?
(a) Have a barbeque.
(b) Go to the movies.
(c) Have a celebration.
(d) Dress their children in lederhosen.

4. What happens when the narrator's mother is ready?
(a) She calls her mother.
(b) She calls to Friedrich's mother to come up for tea.
(c) She takes the cake out of the oven.
(d) She dresses herself and the narrator warmly.

5. When questioned as to his motives, what does the landlord reply?
(a) Because the Schneiders are Jewish.
(b) Because the law has changed.
(c) Because the Schneiders are behind in the rent.
(d) That it is none of Herr Schneider's business.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the narrator and his mother do before going outside?

2. What does Friedrich do with his candy?

3. What image strikes the narrator?

4. For what does the narrator's father pay?

5. What does the narrator watch?

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