Objects & Places from Friedrich

Hans Peter Richter
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Air Raid Shelter

The place at which Friedrich Schneider's neighbors must make the ultimate moral decision of whether to obey the Nazi laws or the universal imperative to save the defenseless.

Bar Mitzvah

This is the day on which a thirteen-year-old Jewish boy officially becomes a man, responsible for his own behavior rather than being under his father's care.

Herschel Meyer Department Store

The swanky venue in which Herr Schneider finds a managerial position after being fired from his civil service job, this place is symbolic of the Jews' ability to thrive in troubled times.

The Jungvolk

This Hitler Youth movement formed after the Nazi Party takes power in Germany in 1933.

National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP/Nazi Party)

Followers of Adolf Hitler, who, in 1933 after years of political struggle against a plethora of political parties, come to power in 1933 and quickly consolidate power as this party.

Park Bench

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