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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, What's Wrong with Our Schools?.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who would benefit the most from an increased quality of schooling from a school voucher program?
(a) all income classes would benefit equally
(b) the upper income classes
(c) the middle income classes
(d) lower income classes

2. A tariff implemented to raise employment in the domestic nation:
(a) lowers employment in the foreign nation
(b) benefits all workers
(c) benefits all consumers
(d) has no effect on employment

3. A coordinated restriction of payments by banks is used:
(a) meet the public's demands for currency
(b) intensify a run on banks
(c) to stop a run on banks
(d) faster a monetary expansion

4. Protection refers to:
(a) insurance and benefits for workers
(b) insurance on shipments
(c) safe production methods
(d) tariffs and other trade restrictions

5. Children from wealthy backgrounds have better chances in education and employment. This it not representative of:
(a) equal rights
(b) equality of outcomes
(c) equality before God
(d) equality of opportunity

Short Answer Questions

1. In the inner city schools, much of the money goes for all but the following:

2. What is the cause of the failure of many welfare programs?

3. Economic freedom refers to all but which of the following:

4. Which of the following is not a public assistance program?

5. The national security argument for protection states that:

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