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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zooey keep repeating to Franny about the prayer?
(a) That it is ridiculous.
(b) To stop saying it.
(c) That it does not work.
(d) He is not trying to stop her from saying it.

2. Who does Zooey say that Franny should act for?
(a) Buddy.
(b) God.
(c) Herself.
(d) The audience.

3. When Zooey leaves Franny, what state is she in?
(a) She is feeling better.
(b) She is sitting up staring into space.
(c) She is sobbing.
(d) She is smiling slightly.

4. What medical problem does Zooey have?
(a) An ulcer.
(b) Headaches.
(c) High blood pressure.
(d) A heart murmur.

5. What does Zooey tell Franny he did with Jesus when Zooey was eight-years-old?
(a) He had a glass of ginger ale with him.
(b) He broke bread with him.
(c) He acted in a scene with him.
(d) He went to church with him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the one idea that Jesus absolutely knew that often eludes people, according to Zooey?

2. Why doesn't Zooey want Franny to smile at him?

3. Why does Zooey get so upset when Bessie mentions calling Philly Byrnes, the psychoanalyst?

4. What is it that Franny expresses that she is so bothered by?

5. What does Franny say that she and Zooey have in common?

Short Essay Questions

1. What metaphor does Salinger use to show how badly Franny received what Zooey had to say concerning the Jesus prayer?

2. How is it ironic that Franny tells Zooey that he is the most unsympathetic person that she has ever known?

3. Describe the Glass's living room.

4. Zooey finally confronts Franny about the Jesus prayer. He points out she is being hypocritical. How so?

5. Why does Bessie ask Zooey's opinion about whether she should call her son the priest to help Franny when Zooey treats his mother the way that he does?

6. Explain in detail the significance of the Fat Lady.

7. How did Zooey and Franny become freaks in Zooey's eyes?

8. How would you interpret Franny's dream?

9. What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom according to Franny?

10. Zooey attempts to get through to Franny on many levels. One of them is as a daughter. How so?

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