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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Franny tell Lane is the reason why she can't lend him the pilgrim book that she has been reading?
(a) It is overdue.
(b) It is Zooey's.
(c) She had stolen it.
(d) It is not hers to lend.

2. Why is Bessie so upset with Buddy?
(a) Buddy never comes home.
(b) Buddy lives far away.
(c) Buddy refuses to have a phone.
(d) Buddy won't help Franny.

3. How is Zooey related to Franny?
(a) He is her father.
(b) He is her ex-boyfriend.
(c) He is her younger sibling.
(d) He is her older sibling.

4. For lunch, what does Franny order?
(a) Another martini.
(b) Frogs' legs.
(c) A chicken sandwich and milk.
(d) Snails.

5. What has really set Franny on a path of self-destruction?
(a) Her poor acting in the play.
(b) Her mother's crazy ways.
(c) Her relationship with Lane.
(d) A book that has made her question her existence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name does Zooey call Bessie?

2. At the end of the letter, Buddy tells Zooey to do what?

3. What does Bessie wear while at home?

4. What grade did Lane get on his paper?

5. What should poets leave behind according to Franny?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Franny tells Lane that she believes she is going crazy, do you feel that she is serious?

2. Why does Franny dislike Wally Campbell?

3. How does Franny feel as she tells Lane about the story of the pilgrim?

4. Why did Buddy and Seymour decide to conduct metaphysical seminars with their younger siblings?

5. How do Zooey and Buddy handle the suicide of Seymour?

6. What might the reason be for Franny breaking down in the bathroom instead of with the boy she claims to love.

7. Through Bessie's dialogue, the reader can infer why Buddy does not own a phone. Why is that?

8. Right from the start, Franny and Lane do not seem to be a couple who are dedicated to each other or their relationship. How is this shown though characterization in the opening pages leading to the point where Franny excuses herself to the ladies' room?

9. Why does Salinger take the time to list the many items in the medicine cabinet?

10. When Buddy writes of Seymour's suicide, he says that " I can't be running back and forth forever between grief and high delight." What anecdote does he use to explain this and what does Buddy mean by it?

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