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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Franny excuse herself to at SIcklers?
(a) Home.
(b) The table where the girls are that she will stay with.
(c) The bathroom.
(d) The bar.

2. What happened to Bessie's truly lighthearted son, Walt?
(a) He became a great actor.
(b) He married and had children.
(c) He left home and was never heard from again.
(d) He was killed in WWII.

3. What does Zooey do after Bessie leaves the bathroom?
(a) He throws the washcloth.
(b) He gets out of the tub.
(c) He reads his manuscript.
(d) He stares at the closed door.

4. What should poets leave behind according to Franny?
(a) Many poems.
(b) Sonnets.
(c) Something beautiful.
(d) Poetry books.

5. What is Franny drinking at lunch with Lane?
(a) Martinis.
(b) Soda.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Beer.

Short Answer Questions

1. In diagnosing herself, Franny claims that her problem involves all of the below answers EXCEPT which one?

2. How old was Zooey when Seymour died?

3. What made Buddy want to write to Zooey?

4. What does Franny wish was underneath her chair?

5. Who does Zooey say Bessie should invite to join them in the bathroom?

Short Essay Questions

1. Right from the start, Franny and Lane do not seem to be a couple who are dedicated to each other or their relationship. How is this shown though characterization in the opening pages leading to the point where Franny excuses herself to the ladies' room?

2. What is Zooey's opinion of psychoanalysts and Franny?

3. Why is Zooey so upset that Dick came to town and wanted Zooey to go out for drinks with him?

4. How does Zooey feel about Lane and why does he feel this way?

5. How do Zooey and Buddy handle the suicide of Seymour?

6. Why is the reader told that the restaurant is for intellectual types.

7. How does Bessie view Les as inept?

8. Zooey is described as being beautiful. Why did Salinger create him that way?

9. How is it ironic that Franny tells Zooey that he is the most unsympathetic person that she has ever known?

10. Zooey is visibly upset when Bessie mistakenly believes that Franny's little green book came from the college library. Why does this bother Zooey so much?

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