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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Zooey say is his Achilles' heel?
(a) He is sensitive to beauty.
(b) His looks.
(c) Franny.
(d) His intelligence.

2. Why don't Franny and Lane have dessert?
(a) The waiter does not offer dessert.
(b) There is nothing on the menu that they want.
(c) Franny does not like dessert.
(d) There is not enough time.

3. What does Lane want Franny to do with the paper he wrote for his class?
(a) Read it over.
(b) Publish it.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Rewrite it.

4. How does Lane react to what happens to Franny at the end of the chapter entitled Franny?
(a) He finds the whole thing amusing.
(b) He is embarrassed.
(c) He is worried about Franny.
(d) He is angry.

5. What does Franny wish was underneath her chair?
(a) A mouse.
(b) A warm sweater.
(c) A napkin.
(d) A trapdoor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What should poets leave behind according to Franny?

2. What is Franny drinking at lunch with Lane?

3. What does Zooey say about Bessie's interpretation of religion?

4. In the book that Franny is reading, after the pilgrim learns what he is seeking, what does he do next?

5. What does Franny tell Lane happens to a person who repeats God's name incessantly?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Franny explain to Lane about competing?

2. Why does Salinger take the time to list the many items in the medicine cabinet?

3. Zooey is visibly upset when Bessie mistakenly believes that Franny's little green book came from the college library. Why does this bother Zooey so much?

4. Has Franny resolved her inner conflict by the end of the story?

5. Zooey is described as being beautiful. Why did Salinger create him that way?

6. Why does Franny dislike Wally Campbell?

7. How does Bessie view Les as inept?

8. Why does Salinger include Bloomberg in the scene between Franny and Zooey?

9. What theme of the novel is suggested by the quotations on the door of Buddy and Seymour's bedroom?

10. Describe the Glass's living room.

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