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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Zooey doing as he tells Bessie the tale of the pilgrim?
(a) He is filing his nails.
(b) He is bathing.
(c) He is brushing his teeth.
(d) He is shaving.

2. What was the one idea that Jesus absolutely knew that often eludes people, according to Zooey?
(a) That the kingdom of heaven is within us.
(b) That he will forgive our sins.
(c) That he died for us.
(d) That man is innately good.

3. After Zooey upsets Franny, what is she trying to get him to do?
(a) Feed the fish.
(b) Shut up.
(c) Feed her.
(d) Leave the room.

4. What does Zooey say is odd about Franny's breakdown?
(a) It isn't real.
(b) She chooses the place to have it.
(c) She can't explain it.
(d) She decides to sleep on the couch.

5. What role does Dick Hess want Zooey to play?
(a) A city slicker.
(b) A romantic young man.
(c) A cowboy.
(d) A sensitive young subway guard.

6. What does Franny say that she and Zooey have in common?
(a) They are both bothered about things and can't keep quiet about it.
(b) Their ideas about religion.
(c) Their ideas about acting.
(d) Nothing.

7. How does Zooey think about Lane?
(a) Zooey thinks Lane is not good for Franny.
(b) Zooey thinks the relationship is strong.
(c) Zooey thinks Lane is a charmer and a fake.
(d) Zooey thinks Lane is worried about Franny.

8. What has Zooey been saying at every meal for years?
(a) The Lord's Prayer.
(b) The Four Great Vows.
(c) A Buddist prayer.
(d) Amen.

9. What does Zooey tell Franny that her problem is in regards to the people she says are too egotistical?
(a) Franny does not know what she is talking about.
(b) Franny does not really know these people.
(c) Franny only sees what she wants.
(d) Franny takes it all too personally.

10. What does Zooey tell Franny he did with Jesus when Zooey was eight-years-old?
(a) He broke bread with him.
(b) He went to church with him.
(c) He had a glass of ginger ale with him.
(d) He acted in a scene with him.

11. Who does Franny first believe is on the phone after her conversation with Zooey is over?
(a) Zooey.
(b) Seymour.
(c) Waker.
(d) Buddy.

12. Where is Zooey going to have lunch on the afternoon of his long bath?
(a) On a film lot.
(b) Downtown.
(c) With Franny.
(d) At a friends.

13. Zooey tells Bessie that living a religious life takes what?
(a) Time and dedication.
(b) A strong church.
(c) A good priest.
(d) Faith.

14. When Zooey leaves Franny, what state is she in?
(a) She is smiling slightly.
(b) She is feeling better.
(c) She is sitting up staring into space.
(d) She is sobbing.

15. What made Franny quit the Bible and go straight to Buddha?
(a) The story of Job.
(b) The crucifixion.
(c) Jesus saying that people are better than animals.
(d) Hypocrites.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Zooey's words, what is the one aim of the Jesus Prayer?

2. What religious action does Zooey say Franny is missing in her own home?

3. What do Lane and Bessie believe is the reason for Franny's troubles?

4. What does Zooey keep repeating to Franny about the prayer?

5. What can't Zooey find in the bathroom?

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