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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Besides furniture, what is Buddy's room filled with?
(a) Clothing.
(b) Sporting equipment.
(c) Books.
(d) Paintings.

2. What does Franny do at the end of the phone call?
(a) She goes back to the couch to sleep soundly.
(b) She goes to the kitchen for chicken broth.
(c) She sleeps comfortably in her mother's bed.
(d) She goes back to the couch in tears.

3. After Zooey upsets Franny, what is she trying to get him to do?
(a) Leave the room.
(b) Shut up.
(c) Feed the fish.
(d) Feed her.

4. Who does Zooey say that Franny should act for?
(a) Buddy.
(b) The audience.
(c) Herself.
(d) God.

5. What kind of a skull does Zooey want when he is dead?
(a) A happy one.
(b) A buried one.
(c) An honorable one like Yorick's.
(d) A perfectly shaped one.

6. What role does Dick Hess want Zooey to play?
(a) A sensitive young subway guard.
(b) A city slicker.
(c) A cowboy.
(d) A romantic young man.

7. What does Zooey tell Franny that he and Buddy did that she was unaware of?
(a) They went and spoke with Lane after first meeting him.
(b) They went to the college to visit her.
(c) They went to see her in summer stock.
(d) They went to chuch together.

8. What is Bessie admiring that makes Zooey angry?
(a) His back.
(b) His socks.
(c) The way he shaves.
(d) His shirt.

9. What are chakras?
(a) Prayers.
(b) Musical instruments.
(c) The seven subtle centers in the body.
(d) People who pray.

10. Over the phone, Zooey suggests to Franny that she find her help where?
(a) With Lane.
(b) By going to see Buddy.
(c) In her own home.
(d) In the Bible.

11. In the book Franny has been reading, who does the pilgrim find to help him learn about the prayer?
(a) A monk.
(b) A bishop.
(c) A nun.
(d) A priest.

12. Zooey tells Bessie that living a religious life takes what?
(a) Faith.
(b) A good priest.
(c) Time and dedication.
(d) A strong church.

13. Zooey says that people who use their egos to get ahead cannot possibly have what?
(a) Families.
(b) Good jobs.
(c) Much money.
(d) Hobbies.

14. What problem do the Glasses have with conversation?
(a) They don't like to talk.
(b) They don't talk, they expound.
(c) They rarely have conversations.
(d) They are too smart for others.

15. In a discussion with Zooey, who does Bessie say that Franny should talk to?
(a) Franny's brother Buddy.
(b) Franny's brother Seymour.
(c) Bishop Pinchot
(d) Franny's brother Waker, the priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Zooey shout at his mother as she leaves the bathroom?

2. What does Zooey believe Franny is using the prayer for?

3. When Zooey leaves Franny, what state is she in?

4. What does Franny worry about in her search for the prayer?

5. What stands across the street from the Glasses' living room window?

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