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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Franny doing while she has her conversation with Zooey in the living room?
(a) She is sleeping.
(b) She is eating.
(c) She is reciting the prayer.
(d) She is picking fleas off of the cat.

2. Zooey feels less frightened about Franny's need to say the prayer because she did what when she first started?
(a) She made plans to go to Russia.
(b) She called her mother.
(c) She came home.
(d) She went to see Buddy.

3. Why did Seymour tell Zooey to shine his shoes for the radio show?
(a) It was required.
(b) He was teaching Zooey to always do and look his best.
(c) Seymour liked shiny shoes.
(d) His father always did it.

4. Why did Franny move out of her room at college?
(a) The cat was bothering her.
(b) She kept picking on her roommate.
(c) Too much noise.
(d) She disliked her roommate.

5. What is Zooey doing as he tells Bessie the tale of the pilgrim?
(a) He is brushing his teeth.
(b) He is filing his nails.
(c) He is bathing.
(d) He is shaving.

6. What is on the back of Buddy's bedroom door?
(a) Quotations from the Bible.
(b) Quotations from a variety of world literature.
(c) Awards from the television show he was in as a child.
(d) A picture of Jesus.

7. What was the one idea that Jesus absolutely knew that often eludes people, according to Zooey?
(a) That he will forgive our sins.
(b) That man is innately good.
(c) That he died for us.
(d) That the kingdom of heaven is within us.

8. What does Zooey tell Franny he did with Jesus when Zooey was eight-years-old?
(a) He broke bread with him.
(b) He acted in a scene with him.
(c) He went to church with him.
(d) He had a glass of ginger ale with him.

9. How does Franny describe Zooey to Buddy on the phone?
(a) She says he is mean.
(b) She says he is bitter.
(c) She says he is helpful.
(d) She says he is happy.

10. What problem do the Glasses have with conversation?
(a) They are too smart for others.
(b) They don't talk, they expound.
(c) They rarely have conversations.
(d) They don't like to talk.

11. What is Bessie admiring that makes Zooey angry?
(a) His socks.
(b) The way he shaves.
(c) His back.
(d) His shirt.

12. What does Franny fill the entire blackboard with?
(a) Mathematical equations.
(b) Information about Epictetus.
(c) Love poems.
(d) Song lyrics.

13. What made Franny quit the Bible and go straight to Buddha?
(a) Hypocrites.
(b) The story of Job.
(c) The crucifixion.
(d) Jesus saying that people are better than animals.

14. What does Zooey tell Franny that her problem is in regards to the people she says are too egotistical?
(a) Franny takes it all too personally.
(b) Franny only sees what she wants.
(c) Franny does not know what she is talking about.
(d) Franny does not really know these people.

15. What is Zooey's attitude about his acting career as he expresses it to Franny?
(a) He feels everyone in the business is crap.
(b) He thinks he is a wonderful actor.
(c) He believes going to Europe will make him a better actor.
(d) He feels all that he does is undermine others' work.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Zooey leaves Franny, what state is she in?

2. What are chakras?

3. How does Zooey describe Jesus?

4. What are the last words Zooey speaks to Franny before leaving the room?

5. Why doesn't Zooey want to leave New York?

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