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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Frannie asks Lane if he received her letter, he responds by saying what?
(a) "Which letter?"
(b) "Yes, I got it Wednesday."
(c) "The one that had such scattered thoughts?"
(d) "Yes, I am glad your dad's X-rays were good."

2. Why is Bessie so upset with her husband?
(a) He won't clean the living room for the painters.
(b) He doesn't want Franny to see a psychiatrist.
(c) He never faces anything unpleasant.
(d) He is never home.

3. What does Franny tell Lane about her theatre class?
(a) She quit the play and the class.
(b) She was thrilled with the play.
(c) She was taking a short break from the play.
(d) She thought the role was stupid.

4. As Franny tells Lane the story of the pilgrim, what does Lane do?
(a) He listens wholeheartedly.
(b) He continues eating, yet he listens.
(c) He ignores her and eats his food.
(d) He continuously interrupts her.

5. How does Lane feel when he gets his first drink at the restaurant?
(a) Angry because it is the wrong drink.
(b) That he is in the right place with the right girl.
(c) Indifferent.
(d) Glad to have one, it was a rough day.

6. What does Buddy apologize in the letter for doing to Zooey and Franny?
(a) Buddy and Seymour neglected them because the boys were so much older.
(b) Buddy and Seymour force them to read Shakespeare and Homer.
(c) Buddy and Seymour filled their heads with metaphysical information.
(d) Buddy and Seymour teased them incessantly.

7. What does Les want to give Franny to make things better for her?
(a) Counseling.
(b) A pet.
(c) A tangerine.
(d) Money.

8. What does Buddy believe would be Zooey's downfall as an actor?
(a) He would be too demanding.
(b) He can't memorize lines.
(c) Nothing, he believes Zooey will be great.
(d) He is no good at it.

9. Why don't Franny and Lane have dessert?
(a) Franny does not like dessert.
(b) There is nothing on the menu that they want.
(c) The waiter does not offer dessert.
(d) There is not enough time.

10. What does Franny wish was underneath her chair?
(a) A warm sweater.
(b) A trapdoor.
(c) A mouse.
(d) A napkin.

11. Where are the two meeting?
(a) A bus station.
(b) A train station.
(c) The airport.
(d) The subway station.

12. Who introduces the second part of the novel?
(a) Zooey.
(b) Franny.
(c) Buddy.
(d) Bessie.

13. Who is Bloomberg?
(a) A brother.
(b) The cat.
(c) The fish.
(d) The neighbor.

14. What does Lane tell Franny right before she excuses herself from the lunch table a second time?
(a) She should stop obsessing over the prayer.
(b) She looks pale.
(c) He tells her he loves her.
(d) She should eat.

15. What does Zooey say is his Achilles' heel?
(a) Franny.
(b) His looks.
(c) He is sensitive to beauty.
(d) His intelligence.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Bessie's truly lighthearted son, Walt?

2. How has Bessie been handling the problem with Franny?

3. How long passes before Buddy returns home after Seymour's funeral?

4. Why does Lane think Franny should not say bad things about her English department?

5. How many years before had Buddy's letter been written?

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