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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Lane's paper about?
(a) Tolstoy.
(b) Freud.
(c) Shakespeare.
(d) Flaubert.

2. In the letter that Buddy writes, he suggests a future for Zooey that his mother also wants for Zooey. What is the suggestion?
(a) For Zooey to move out of the house.
(b) For Zooey to continue to be an actor.
(c) For Zooey to find a wife.
(d) For Zooey to get his PhD.

3. What is happening to Franny's forehead while she is having lunch with Lane?
(a) It is filled with anxiety.
(b) It is perspiring.
(c) It is wrinkled.
(d) It is bleeding.

4. What does Franny want to eat that upsets Bessie so much?
(a) Pudding.
(b) Grilled cheese.
(c) Soup.
(d) A cheeseburger.

5. What does Bessie wear while at home?
(a) A sari.
(b) A blue Japanese kimono.
(c) Jeans and a tee shirt.
(d) An old lady's housedress.

6. How does Franny get to the restaurant manager's office?
(a) She walks into it to speak with him.
(b) She chooses the wrong door.
(c) The bartender and Lane carry her.
(d) She crawls there after collapsing.

7. What has really set Franny on a path of self-destruction?
(a) A book that has made her question her existence.
(b) Her relationship with Lane.
(c) Her mother's crazy ways.
(d) Her poor acting in the play.

8. In diagnosing herself, Franny claims that her problem involves all of the below answers EXCEPT which one?
(a) She is going insane.
(b) She is an egomaniac.
(c) She is physically ill.
(d) She hates herself.

9. In what tone does Zooey talk to his mother?
(a) Warm and loving.
(b) Bitter.
(c) Sarcastic and demeaning.
(d) Humorously.

10. What does Bessie continuously do while talking to Zooey?
(a) She pulls junk out of her big pockets.
(b) She smokes.
(c) She folds towels.
(d) She bites her fingernails.

11. What does Zooey say about Bessie's interpretation of religion?
(a) The message of the New Testament is to take shorter baths.
(b) Bessie needs to go to church to learn something.
(c) That Bessie believes the message of the New Testament is an improper diet.
(d) Bessie has no idea what she is talking about.

12. What does Zooey say is his Achilles' heel?
(a) Franny.
(b) His intelligence.
(c) He is sensitive to beauty.
(d) His looks.

13. How is Zooey related to Franny?
(a) He is her older sibling.
(b) He is her ex-boyfriend.
(c) He is her father.
(d) He is her younger sibling.

14. Why does Franny keep apologizing at lunch with Lane?
(a) She is in a bad mood.
(b) She has hurt Lane's feelings.
(c) She leaves the table many times.
(d) She hates frog legs.

15. What story does Buddy tell Zooey about the little girl in the market?
(a) She was an orphan.
(b) She had boyfriends named Bobby and Dorothy.
(c) She wanted to buy fish.
(d) She gave Buddy her lollipop.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bessie describe the title of Zooey's manuscript?

2. What does Franny tell Lane about the letter?

3. What does Lane want Franny to do with the paper he wrote for his class?

4. How does Lane feel when he gets his first drink at the restaurant?

5. The reader knows that Franny is nervous during her telling of the pilgrim because she does what?

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