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Lesson 1 (from Franny (pgs. 3-21))


Franny (pp. 3-21)

Novels are not always an Indiana Jones adventure; sometimes they are a psychological adventure. A novel's genre is its style. Though there is action in the first twenty-one pages of the novel, the story is being set up for a journey through thought. The objective of this lesson is to understand the genre of the novel - a psychological drama.


Tasks, Ideas, Challenges and Homework

1) After reading through the first half of the opening chapter, discuss with the students the actions that have occurred thus far. Who are the two major characters that have been introduced thus far? How old are they? Where do they go to college? Why are they visiting each other? What is their relationship? What type of people are they?

2) In a class discussion, ask students to describe the conversation of the two characters thus far. What is...

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