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Franny (pgs. 3-21)

• Lane waits at the train station for Franny to arrive for the big Yale game.

• While waiting, Lane rereads a sentimental letter Franny had sent him.

• Lane purposely avoids his classmates as they too wait for their girlfriends.

• The letter mentions that Franny does not want to "over-analyze" things.
• Franny arrives; they kiss and hug.

• They take a cab to Sickler's restaurant, a place where the "intellectual fringe" hang out.

• Lane complains about a paper that he wrote that he thought was poorly written but received an "A."

• Franny is barely listening and shows signs of annoyance.
• Franny notes that Lane sounds like a "section man" - a smug, negative student who fills in when the professor is not there.

• She then apologizes, saying that she has been "destructive" all week.

• The conversation does not improve as Franny states that the Yale poets Lane wishes...

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