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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Victor accused of murdering Henry?

2. Why do Henry and Victor decide to visit Edinburgh?

3. Why did the creature put the locket in Justine Moritz’s pocket?

4. What city do Victor and Henry visit after London?

5. Where did the creature come across Justine Moritz?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Victor learn he has been accused of killing? Who does Victor think is the real murderer?

2. Why does Victor leave his travel companion in Scotland to take a small cottage on a remote island?

3. What does the creature find in the clothing he took from Frankenstein that alerts him to the way in which he came to life? How does this make him feel?

4. Why did Safie come in search of Felix, as described in Chapter 14?

5. What happened to Safie’s traveling companion when they were just a short distance from the cottagers?

6. In Chapter 22, Victor is given a letter from Elizabeth that expresses her doubts in their relationship. What is the nature of these doubts and where do they come from?

7. How does Victor explain his appearance on an ice flow in the middle of the Artic Sea?

8. What does Victor see at the beginning of Chapter 20 that frightens him and determines him not to finish creating the creature’s companion?

9. Why does Elizabeth console Victor as they travel to the inn at Evian on their wedding night?

10. Why does Victor’s father encourage him to set a date for his wedding to Elizabeth?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Victor Frankenstein’s character motivations. Why does Shelley describe Victor’s childhood in such detail at the beginning of the book? How does this history inform his motivation? What impact does this knowledge have on the reader’s understanding of Victor’s motivations in creating his creature?

Essay Topic 2

Describe Victor’s relationship with Henry Clerval. How did the two meet? How does Henry come to Victor’s rescue the morning after the creature’s animation? Why does Henry travel with Victor to London? What impact does Henry’s murder have on Victor, both as a friend and as the accused killer?

Essay Topic 3

Describe Victor’s initial reaction to his creature. What causes Victor’s reaction after the creature is animated? What did Victor expect? What does Victor write in his journal about this initial sight that later infuriates the creature?

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