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Short Answer Questions

1. How long was the DeLacey family held in jail before their trial?

2. What instrument did the old male cottager, Mr. DeLacey, play?

3. During his journey, why was the creature shot?

4. Who was Felix?

5. How does Victor feel about his trip to London?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Victor feel about the companion creature he is creating?

2. What happened to Safie’s traveling companion when they were just a short distance from the cottagers?

3. Why did Safie come in search of Felix, as described in Chapter 14?

4. What happened the first time the creature came into a village full of people?

5. When the creature came to live in a hovel attached to a cottage, what did he do with his days and nights?

6. What does Victor see at the beginning of Chapter 20 that frightens him and determines him not to finish creating the creature’s companion?

7. What fear remains with Victor as his wedding day draws closer?

8. What caused the creature to begin to wonder about his own origins?

9. Why does the creature think he might have a good chance of winning the affection of the cottagers if he approaches the father first?

10. How do Agatha and Safie respond to the creature when they find him speaking with Mr. DeLacey?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose two characters in the novel and describe their feelings of guilt. How do they express their guilt? For what reasons do they feel guilty? How does their guilt influence their actions and emotions?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Elizabeth Lavenza’s murder. Why is Elizabeth murdered? How is she murdered? How does Victor react to Elizabeth’s murder? What comparisons can be found in Elizabeth’s murder and Victor’s destruction of his second creature?

Essay Topic 3

Acquiring knowledge is an important element of the plot of this novel. Discuss two aspects of this theme.

a. Victor discovers philosophy as a young man. Why does Victor choose philosophy as his major theme of study? What philosophers does Victor study? What is the academic reaction to Victor’s studies? How does Victor’s study of philosophy affect his science?

b. When the creature leaves Victor, he finds himself in a world he knows nothing about with a body he is unsure how to use. How does the creature learn to care for his needs? What does the creature discover about himself and his place in society? What academic knowledge does the creature gain after leaving Victor? How? How does this knowledge change the creature’s view of the world?

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