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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the girl whom the narrator talks to in the conservatory?
(a) Triolet.
(b) Star.
(c) Wain's Wain.
(d) Second.

2. Where does Harlequin find himself at the end of the story?
(a) Working in the cafe.
(b) On a cold lonely moor.
(c) On a beach.
(d) At home in bed.

3. What does Missy order at the cafe?
(a) Cola and a bag of chips.
(b) Hash browns, ketchup, and a steak knife.
(c) A bowl of ice cream.
(d) A burger and fries.

4. What has happened to her people?
(a) They killed themselves.
(b) Their planet died.
(c) They were attacked by aliens.
(d) They left in search of truth on other worlds.

5. How does she describe the world?
(a) As a rose.
(b) As a jewel.
(c) As a wicked place.
(d) As an eyesore.

6. In 'The Star,' where does the vampire say that vampires came from originally?
(a) The star constellation Ares.
(b) The star constellation Draco.
(c) The sun.
(d) A very distant planet.

7. What is the professor's book about?
(a) Meaning in children's fiction.
(b) Why gossip is a sin.
(c) What happened to her in Narnia.
(d) Philosophy of religion and the existence of God.

8. In 'My Life' what does the poet claim caused the death of his wife?
(a) Lavatorial waste falling from a plane fell on her head.
(b) A bear killed her after she went insane and believed she was a bear cub.
(c) A haunted dishwasher caused her to liquefy.
(d) Aliens killed her, but this was hushed up by the government.

9. In 'Harlequin Valentine' what does Harlequin pin on Missy's front door?
(a) A charcoal drawing of Missy.
(b) A card.
(c) His heart.
(d) A red and black striped ribbon.

10. How does Harlequin refer to Missy?
(a) As his Columbine.
(b) As his Valentine.
(c) As his future wife.
(d) As Queen of Love.

11. In 'Fifteen Painted Cards...' what does the man in 'The Fool' want?
(a) To talk to a vampire.
(b) To kiss a vampire.
(c) To be a vampire.
(d) To kill a vampire.

12. When he meets Becky again years later, what does she tell him was the real reason for her breaking up with him?
(a) She was seeing her boss.
(b) He was getting too serious, and she wasn't a home wrecker.
(c) She was pregnant.
(d) The narrator's wife threatened her and forced her to leave him.

13. How does the narrator know Vic?
(a) Their families went on holiday together.
(b) They are next-door neighbors.
(c) They go to an all-boy's school together.
(d) They met at a party.

14. What do the man and woman then do?
(a) Try to cover their nakedness.
(b) Pray to the Lord.
(c) Take off their clothes.
(d) Kill the Serpent.

15. In 'The Chariot,' what do the people of Earth do to ensure that they are protected from the race of super humans they have genetically created?
(a) They forbid the superhumans from ever returning.
(b) They remove their location from the ship's computer.
(c) They create them with a weakness to iron and garlic.
(d) They make sure the superhumans are very short lived.

Short Answer Questions

1. From what does he ask the model to protect him?

2. What does the narrator mix into the plasticine as he creates his model?

3. When Scarlet calls the narrator, what does she tell him/her?

4. What does Harlequin's costume look like?

5. What is pitiable about sufferers?

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