Foxfire 9 Short Essay - Answer Key

Eliot Wigginton
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1. What reasons did Elliot Wigginton give in the Introduction for bringing the Foxfire series to an end with Foxfire 9?

In the Introduction Elliot Wigginton gave several reasons for bringing the Foxfire series to an end with Foxfire 9. First, readers of the early volumes lost track of the series. Reviewers stopped reviewing the newer volumes because they ran out of things to say about the series, so the books didn't get to the attention of potential readers. Second, the format of the series limited the presentation style of the topics. The Foxfire organization had to include a broad range of topics in each volume and couldn't devote the depth of coverage to some topics that they would have liked to devote. Lastly, the focus of the series on traditional mountain handicrafts and culture gave a one-sided impression of Appalachia and made people think that the people of the region were living like their ancestors in a time warp rather than living in the current century.

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