Foxfire 9 Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Eliot Wigginton
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1. Who wrote the Introduction to Foxfire 9?

Elliot Wigginton.

2. What New York publisher published the Foxfire series, of which Foxfire 9 is a part?


3. What was the last Foxfire book to be published under the contract with the New York Publisher?

Foxfire 9.

4. When Foxfire 9 was published, how many years had the Foxfire organization been in the Rabun County schools?


5. How many copies of the Foxfire books have been printed?

Seven million.

6. Why have reviewers stopped reviewing the new books in the Foxfire series?

They can find little new to say about the series.

7. What became confining about the format of the Foxfire series?

It limited the presentation of the topics.

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