Objects & Places from Foxfire 9

Eliot Wigginton
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This phenomenon is the glow that results from a mushroom that grows on rotting timber.

Crazy Quilt

This is a friendship quilt that has been personalized in some way.


This is the Indian tribe to which Nola Campbell is related.

Lye Gum

This object is a hollow log set upon on boards into which ashes are poured. In spring, water is poured into the log, flowing through the ashes.


This object is taken from the stomach of a deer. It is said to be able to draw poison from a snake or animal bite, especially one with rabies.

General Store

This is a place where individuals can buy many of the basic necessities for living in the harsh conditions of the mountains.

Herb remedy

This term refers to home cures that are made from plants and minerals growing naturally.

Haint Tale

This term refers to...

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