Foxfire 9 Character Descriptions

Eliot Wigginton
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Foxfire Staff - These individuals interviewed the people profiled in the book. These people sought to discover their heritage and to present that heritage in an honorable and cherished way.

Clyde Hollifield - This individual put on shows for children demonstrating the glowing fungus for which the book is named.

Flora Youngblood - This individual's father went to live with the Cherokee Indians on their reservation at the age of twenty one to learn their herbal remedies and medicinal practices.

Martha and Ed Roane - These individuals once owned and operated a general store. During the Depression they continued to borrow money against their land to pay for their goods, since they allowed those out of work to continue buying on credit and paying as they could, or by trading.

Henry Mayes - This individual spent his life placing religious signs in view of the public in...

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