Foxfire 9 Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eliot Wigginton
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Introduction and Foxfire - What Is It?

• The Introduction, written by Elliot Wigginton, explains that this edition is that last edition in the series required for the contract with Doubleday.

• Wigginton notes this is good in that the series has required them to limit their stories on certain topics so that many can be presented at once.

• Foxfire as a company started their own publishing house and has begun publishing their own books, which focus more on single topics, allowing the group to give much more detailed information on the topic.

• Elliot also notes the group is experimenting with publishing children's books, plays, poetry, photography, out of print works written by Appalachian mountain people, and materials to be used by teachers.

• These materials are designed with the same philosophy as Foxfire--that hands on learning and real world experience is a far better educational tool than simple instruction.

• Elliot...

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