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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Agnes try to find Michael's poem on their wedding night?

2. Why does Agnes say she would give away all twenty of her children?

3. What does Agnes say she will do with the new baby if Michael is unhappy?

4. What has changed about the fourposter bed in Act 2 from Act 1?

5. Why does Michael claim he is kneeling before Agnes?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is it that Agnes wants to do in relation to her marriage on the day of her daughter's wedding?

2. Why are there so many sudden changes of subject in the conversation of Agnes and Michael on their wedding night?

3. What is Agnes' description of Michael's new found fame as an author?

4. What is the conflict at the beginning of Act 2, Scene 2?

5. Why is Agnes joking about taking her baby to a home, or orphanage, when talking to Michael?

6. What does Agnes realize about the bourbon after Michael takes a swig of it?

7. What does Michael set out to do when his son comes home, and what really happens?

8. Why is Agnes so melancholy at the start of Act 3, Scene 1?

9. What does Agnes do while Michael is taking their things to the car?

10. Describe the mood of Agnes during her wedding night.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Jealousy has a role in the marriage of Agnes and Michael. It motivates Michael and Agnes to act in certain ways. Use examples to support your response to the following:

1) What examples of jealousy are found in the play?

2) How have the consequences of the jealous actions of Michael and Agnes affected their marriage?

3) Has the author represented jealousy as a positive or negative force? Why?

Essay Topic 2

At the end of the play, Michael and Agnes leave gifts for the newlywed couple moving in. Michael leaves a gift of a bottle of champagne while Agnes leaves the "God Is Love" pillow. Use examples from the play and respond to the following:

1) What do the individual gifts represent to the characters of Michael and Agnes?

2) What message are Michael and Agnes trying to deliver to the newlyweds?

3) What is the significance of the combined gift of the fourposter bed as given by both Michael and Agnes?

Essay Topic 3

Compassion and the need to feel wanted greatly affects the relationship between Michael and Agnes throughout their marriage. Use examples from the play to support your response to the following:

1) When has Agnes felt the need to be wanted and what was her reaction to this feeling?

2) When has Michael felt the need of compassion and what was his reaction to this feeling?

3) By the end of the play, is the problem of the need for compassion solved in the marriage of Agnes and Michael?

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