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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the young poet's work dedicated to?
(a) Michael.
(b) Agnes.
(c) Agnes and Michael's daughter.
(d) Agnes and Michael's son.

2. How does Act 3, Scene 2 conclude?
(a) Agnes is left in tears as Michael leaves the room.
(b) Michael and Agnes fall asleep in bed.
(c) Michael carries Agnes out of the room.
(d) Michael and Agnes' children enter and everyone hugs.

3. What does Michael tell his son in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) Get to bed.
(b) Good night.
(c) Good morning.
(d) Hello.

4. What age are Agnes and Michael in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) Elderly.
(b) Teenagers.
(c) Almost middle age.
(d) In their twenties.

5. How does Agnes describe the fourposter bed in the last scene?
(a) The bed only has bad memories for her.
(b) She wishes she could get rid of the bed.
(c) The bed had a nice history.
(d) The bed was a bad financial investment.

6. Why does Agnes say that she and Michael cannot drink champagne?
(a) The champagne has spoiled.
(b) There are no glasses.
(c) The champagne belongs to her son.
(d) It is too early in the morning.

7. Where has Michael found the bourbon bottle?
(a) In the servant's quarters.
(b) Under the fourposter bed.
(c) In Agnes' wardrobe.
(d) In his son's drawer.

8. What does Michael tell Agnes he first thought when he saw the "God Is Love" pillow?
(a) He felt encouraged.
(b) He was trapped in a world of women.
(c) He hated Agnes.
(d) He would never be alone again.

9. What is different about the fourposter bed in Act 3, Scene 1?
(a) It has been dismantled.
(b) The curtains are more elaborate.
(c) There are no bed linens.
(d) The curtains are more conservative.

10. In Act 2, Scene 2, about how much time has passed since the last scene?
(a) A few months.
(b) Seven years.
(c) A few days.
(d) One year.

11. How does Agnes describe Michael's fathering?
(a) Completely ignorant and inexcusable.
(b) Exactly like that of her own father.
(c) Occasianal fits of hysteria.
(d) Good and proper.

12. At first, what are Agnes' feelings toward the young poet?
(a) She sees him as a son.
(b) She is enthralled with him.
(c) She hates him.
(d) She is offended by him.

13. Where does Agnes kiss Michael in Act 2, Scene 2?
(a) His lips.
(b) His feet.
(c) His hand.
(d) His head.

14. What does Michael say he got a different message and reaction from than Agnes on his wedding night?
(a) The "God Is Love" pillow.
(b) His parents.
(c) Agnes' parents.
(d) The wedding ceremony.

15. What motivates Michael to declare his true feelings to Agnes in Act 3, Scene 1?
(a) The anger in Agnes' eyes.
(b) His memories of an early love.
(c) The crass words of the young poet.
(d) A letter of fan mail that he just read.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the status of the relationship of Agnes and Michael at the end of Act 3, Scene 1?

2. What does Michael say his son was wearing in Act 2, Scene 2?

3. What makes Michael so angry in Act 2, Scene 2?

4. What is inside of the bourbon bottle?

5. What does Michael bring back from the cellar?

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