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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Agnes sits on the bed in Act 2, Scene 1, she repeatedly says what?
(a) She wishes she could get divorced.
(b) She wishes Michael would love her.
(c) She wishes she were dead.
(d) She wishes she would have more children.

2. Michael says that Agnes has changed from a "princess" to a what?
(a) Monster.
(b) Prince.
(c) Woman.
(d) Enemy.

3. Michael blames Agnes for what transgression of his?
(a) Firing his favorite servant.
(b) Spending their savings.
(c) Causing him to find comfort in another woman.
(d) Causing him to spill a drink on his favorite shirt.

4. What does Agnes believe Michael has prepared for their wedding night?
(a) A poem that he wrote.
(b) A song that he wrote.
(c) A list of his favorite things.
(d) Dinner from a recipe he created.

5. What does Agnes say she will do with the new baby if Michael is unhappy?
(a) Take the child to a new home.
(b) Raise the child as her own sibling.
(c) Give the child to her parents.
(d) Keep the child and get divorced.

6. At the beginning of the play, why does Michael claim that he is embarrassed?
(a) His shirt has stains on it and he hadn't realized it until that moment.
(b) His clothing doesn't fit right and he wants to make a good impression.
(c) He is nervous about the night and does not want to revolt Agnes.
(d) He told Agnes a story about his fortune as fortold by a gypsy woman.

7. What is special about the condition of the linens on the fourposter bed in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) There is a hand embroidered quilt on the bed.
(b) There are no linens on the bed.
(c) The bed is neatly made.
(d) Only one side of the bed is made, the other is messy.

8. At the end of Act 2, Scene 1, what does Agnes do when she is on the bed?
(a) Kicks Michael.
(b) Cries in bed.
(c) Goes to sleep.
(d) Embraces Michael.

9. What attribute(s) of Agnes does Michael proclaim to love?
(a) The sound she makes when she yawns.
(b) The way she folds laundry.
(c) How she gets cold feet and scratches her stomach in her sleep.
(d) How she sneezes when she brushes her hair.

10. When Agnes locks herself in the bathroom on her wedding night, what does she take with her?
(a) Her suitcase.
(b) Her favorite book.
(c) Michael's clothes.
(d) A piece of wedding cake.

11. What reason does Agnes give that Michael was the life of the party?
(a) His cologne was special.
(b) He had cute little stories.
(c) He could not stop giggling.
(d) His clothing was fabulous.

12. Michael tells Agnes what shocking confession?
(a) He won a fortune gambling.
(b) He is an orphan.
(c) He is having an affair.
(d) He is bankrupt.

13. What is Agnes' reply when Michael says that he has started writing a new book?
(a) She is jealous and angry.
(b) She will throw it away.
(c) She is excited and happy.
(d) She will read it tomorrow.

14. What moment does Michael claim to have shared with Agnes before?
(a) Seeing her dressed up in her wedding gown, in the lamplight.
(b) Her crying over the state of his top hat.
(c) Saying their vows at their wedding.
(d) Her sitting there, and him kneeling before her in a rented tuxedo.

15. What does Agnes tuck into bed with Michael when he is not feeling well?
(a) The "God Is Love" pillow.
(b) A teddy bear.
(c) A heated water bottle.
(d) The clean laundry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Michael doing at the start of Act 1, Scene 2?

2. What does Michael tell Agnes that he has crawled and begged her for?

3. What has been added to the scenery in Act 1, Scene 2?

4. In Act 2, Scene 1, after Michael leaves and shuts the door, Agnes does what?

5. What is Agnes carrying into the room when she is first seen in Act 1, Scene 2?

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