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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has changed about the fourposter bed in Act 2 from Act 1?
(a) The fourposter is no longer in the room.
(b) The fourposter is broken in half.
(c) The fourposter is now draped with rich curtains.
(d) The fourposter is bare and has no blankets or sheets on it.

2. Where does Agnes try to find Michael's poem on their wedding night?
(a) In the pillowcase.
(b) In his pockets.
(c) In the trunk.
(d) Under the bed.

3. When Agnes is having labor pains, what does she remind Michael about?
(a) They still have time before the baby is born.
(b) She forgot to turn off the oven.
(c) He needs to finish writing his book.
(d) The way to sing her favorite lullaby.

4. As Agnes undresses on her wedding night, she gets distracted and comments about what?
(a) How excited she is about their honeymoon.
(b) How wonderful the wedding was.
(c) How pretty the bed is.
(d) How handsome Michael is.

5. Why does Agnes stop Michael from calling the doctor?
(a) Michael wants to call the doctor for himself, but should only call when Agnes needs care.
(b) Michael wants to call the doctor to help with his headaches.
(c) Agnes thinks the doctor's bill will be too expensive.
(d) Agnes does not trust the doctor and wants to find a new one.

6. Michael describes himself as a "male animal" that has done what?
(a) Fallen ill and must be taken to the hospital.
(b) His duty and should be dismissed.
(c) Found his mate for life.
(d) Cheated on Agnes.

7. When Agnes sits on the bed in Act 2, Scene 1, she repeatedly says what?
(a) She wishes Michael would love her.
(b) She wishes she were dead.
(c) She wishes she could get divorced.
(d) She wishes she would have more children.

8. When Michael goes to the washstand on his wedding night, what does he do?
(a) Shave his face.
(b) Brush his teeth.
(c) Comb his hair.
(d) Wash his right ear.

9. Near the end of Act 2, Scene 1, why is Michael so upset?
(a) He heard that Agnes had a miscarriage.
(b) He knows that he has spent all his savings.
(c) He still wants but cannot have acceptance from Agnes' parents.
(d) He is thinking that Agnes might have had an affair.

10. When Agnes starts having labor pains, what is the first thing Michael does?
(a) Go into the bathroom to shave.
(b) Complain about Agnes' timing.
(c) Frantically rush to get dressed for the doctor.
(d) Faint onto the fourposter bed.

11. Michael asks Agnes for what before she dies?
(a) Her bank account number.
(b) Another child.
(c) To see her eyes one last time.
(d) A hug and a kiss.

12. What does the pillow in the bed have embroidered on it?
(a) "Sweet Dreams."
(b) "God Bless."
(c) "Newly Married."
(d) "God is Love."

13. What does Agnes believe Michael has prepared for their wedding night?
(a) Dinner from a recipe he created.
(b) A list of his favorite things.
(c) A song that he wrote.
(d) A poem that he wrote.

14. In Act 2, Scene 1, what has changed about the decor in the room since the last scene?
(a) The room is really messy.
(b) The room is richly decorated
(c) The room has sparse decoration.
(d) The room has not changed at all.

15. What is special about the condition of the linens on the fourposter bed in Act 2, Scene 1?
(a) Only one side of the bed is made, the other is messy.
(b) There is a hand embroidered quilt on the bed.
(c) There are no linens on the bed.
(d) The bed is neatly made.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Michael grabs Agnes' arm in Act 2, Scene 1, what happens immediately?

2. What does Agnes think Michael has given up?

3. Michael said he has tried to persuade Agnes with servants, dresses, paintings and money so that she would do what?

4. When Agnes locks herself in the bathroom on her wedding night, what does she take with her?

5. Why does Michael claim he is kneeling before Agnes?

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