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Objective: Act 1, Scene 1 "The Fourposter" is written by Jan de Hartog, a Dutch immigrant born in 1914, who later became a Quaker. This objective will discuss relevant author biographical information concerning the play.

1) In-class report: Have students work both in the classroom and in the library to create a short biographical report about Jan de Hartog. Students should cover topics such as Hartog's marriage, success as an author and religious beliefs which reflect themes that will later be seen in "The Fourposter."

2) Further Research: Have students research the history of the play working in groups. When was "The Fourposter" written? How old was Hartog at this time? How well was the play received? When was the play first performed? Was Hartog satisfied with his work?

3) Class Discussion: Review with the class a short biography of Jan de Hartog. Discuss how the author's life might have influenced the play...

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