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Act 1, Scene 1

• It is the wedding night of Agnes and Michael.

• The night is awkward between the new husband and wife, as neither know how to act.

• Michael makes clumsy advances on Agnes, who rebukes him repeatedly with any distraction she can think of.

• Michael tells Agnes that he believes they met in a former life.

• Michael tells Agnes that a gypsy foretold a long and happy marriage for him.

• The "God Is Love" pillow is on the fourposter bed, adding another level of uncomfortableness to the evening.

• The couple is overwhelmed by the day.

• Agnes uses distractions to get close to Michael in bed, smelling the champagne on his breath.

• The scene closes with the couple embracing.

Act 1, Scene 2

• A year has passed since the wedding night, and there is a bassinet in the room.

• Agnes is very pregnant.

• Michael is having pains of self-pity, being scared...

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