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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The speaker asserts in Part II of "The Dry Salvages" that there "is no end, but" what?
(a) A cycle.
(b) A renewal.
(c) Addition.
(d) Oblivion.

2. It is said in Part II of "The Dry Salvages" that man cannot think of "a future that is not liable / Like the past, to have no" what?
(a) End.
(b) Sense.
(c) Destination.
(d) Purpose.

3. The old master whom the speaker encounters states that he is not "eager to rehearse" what in Part II of "Little Gidding"?
(a) Their old friendship.
(b) The lines of a poem.
(c) The account of his death.
(d) His thoughts and theory.

4. What is a synonymous word or phrase for the word "fructify," used in Part III of "The Dry Salvages"?
(a) Bear fruit.
(b) Calcify.
(c) Become sugar.
(d) Solidify.

5. With what do "we challenge / The first-met stranger in the waning dusk," according to the speaker in Part II of "Little Gidding"?
(a) A curious glance.
(b) Pointed scrutiny.
(c) Affected nonchalance.
(d) A brave face.

Short Answer Questions

1. The speaker states in the third part of "Little Gidding" that "We cannot restore policies / Or follow" what?

2. Whose shine, discussed in Part IV of "The Dry Salvages" "stands on the promontory"?

3. What, in Part IV of "Little Gidding," "descending breaks the air"?

4. Part V of "Little Gidding" states that "while the light fails / On a winter's afternoon, in a secluded chapel / History is now and" what?

5. Near the end of Part I of "Little Gidding," it is said that "the communication / Of the dead is tongued with" what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the meaning of "Behovely" as it is used in the phrase, found in Part III of "Little Gidding" that, "Sin is Behovely"?

2. What is the "real destination" of the sailors, as described at the end of Part III of "The Dry Salvages"?

3. What is the significance of the lines in Part II of "The Dry Salvages," "Only the hardly, barely prayable / Prayer of the one Annunciation"?

4. What is meant by the speaker's interlocutor's phrase that "next year's words await another voice" in Part II of "Little Gidding"?

5. What is meant by saying in the final part of "Little Gidding" that "history is a pattern / Of timeless moments"?

6. What is meant by the line, "You are not the same people who left that station," in Part III of "The Dry Salvages"?

7. What does the speaker mean when he states, in the last part of "The Dry Salvages," that "Here the impossible union / Of spheres of existence is actual"?

8. What is meant by the phrase, in Part V of "Little Gidding," "Every poem [is] an epitaph"?

9. What does the speaker mean in Part I of "The Dry Salvages" by "The tolling bell / Measures time not our time"?

10. What is meant by the statement in Part II of "Little Gidding" that "Water and fire deride / The sacrifice that we denied"?

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