Objects & Places from Four Quartets

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Burnt Nortonappears in Burnt Norton - This location was a country house belonging to the son of the Earl of Harrowby.

Rose Gardenappears in Burnt Norton - This is a beautiful location through which the poem's narrator meditates upon time, particularly the past and the possibilities it once had.

Timeappears in Burnt Norton - This object is a frequent subject of meditation in The Four Quartets; only through itself can it be conquered.

Gloomy Hillsappears in Burnt Norton - These objects are to be found in London, Hampstead, Clerkenwell, Campden, Putney, Highgate, Primrose and Ludgate.

Bellappears in Burnt Norton - This object, along with time, buries the day.

Lightappears in Burnt Norton - This object is to be found at the "still turning point of the world."

Wordsappears in Burnt Norton - Only by form and pattern can these objects reach into the stillness.

Voices of Temptationappears...

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