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F. H. Bradley

Have students research the thoughts and works of F.H. Bradley, the philosopher on whom T.S. Eliot started his doctoral work.


Research and discuss the significance of the geographical locations in which The Four Quartets are set.

History of Little Gidding

Discuss the history of Little Gidding, particularly the chapel that was built there in the 17th century.

Modern Metaphysics

Research the general thoughts of late 19th and early 20th century metaphysics.

Somerset & Eliot's Ancestry

Somerset, England, the location of East Coker, is where T.S. Eliot's ancestors hailed. Research Eliot's genealogy and discuss his affinity for his English heritage.

The Dove in Christian Symbolism

Discuss the significance of the dove, an important image in Part IV of "Little Gidding" and its connection to Christian symbolism.

Vocabulary Contest

Have the students divide into two teams. Have each team find all of the complicated...

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