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Burnt Norton

• Part I of "Burnt Norton" discusses the relationship between time, the past, and possibilities.
• Part I of "Burnt Norton" uses complicated imagery in order to convey meaning.
• Part II of "Burnt Norton" examines the relationship between movement, stillness, and perfection.
• Part II of "Burnt Norton" considers the relationship between human consciousness and time.
• Part III of "Burnt Norton" presents the reader with a meditation on the distractedness of modern society.
• Part III of "Burnt Norton" meditates upon the nature of solitude and its effect on the human person.
• Part IV of "Burnt Norton" speaks of the burying of the day, and the seeming disappearance of light in the world.
• Part V of "Burnt Norton" discusses the relationship between words, pattern, form, and the Word of Christianity.

East Coker

• Part I of "East Coker" begins with an important statement of prefigurement.
• Part I of "East Coker" rounds...

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