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Prologue, Chapters 1 and 2

• Hari Seldon foresaw the current conditions of the Galaxy, including the fall of the Empire.

• Seldon, in order to lessen the barbarism that would occur with the fall of the Empire, created two Foundations at each end of the Galaxy.

• Bel Riose arrives at the home of Ducem Barr, and asks him about magicians.

• Riose says that the only fact he knows about magicians is that his father met one.

• Barr offers Riose a historical account of the establishment of the Foundations.
• Riose interrupts Barr to say that he is wrong, and the Empire won't fall because it is strong.

• Barr continues to say that one Foundation was populated with scientists and the other was inhabited with psychologists.

• Riose says he will visit them both and return.
• Forell is the illegitimate son of a former Foundation ruler.

• One of Forell's ships captures one of Riose's...

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