Daily Lessons for Teaching Forrest Gump

Winston Groom
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


Chapters 1-2

Forrest Gump introduces himself as mentally slow in the beginning of the novel. However, he contends that he is more perceptive than people think. In Chapters 1 -2, Forrest claims to have read about idiots in literature. The purpose of this lesson is to examine the novels that Forrest cites and compare them to Forrest Gump, analyzing how these characters always seem smarter than others think.


1) Round-robin Class Discussion: Have the students put their desks in a big circle; each student in turn should share something about the topic.

Questions to ask:

• What authors and novels or works of literature does Forrest cite in Chapter 1?

• How does Forrest knowing about these works of literature seem out of character?

• How well does the class know these other works of literature?

• How do these works of literature compare to Forrest Gump?

2) Writing Assignment: Have the students...

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