Forge Short Answer Test - Answer Key

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1. What date is denoted at the opening of the Prelude?

January 19, 1777.

2. From what prison had Isabel freed Curzon in the novel's Prelude?

Bridewell Prison.

3. Who does Isabel want to find in Charleston in the Prelude?


4. On what date does Chapter 1 open?

October 7, 1777.

5. How many months have passed between the Prelude and Chapter 1?


6. When does Curzon say Isabel ran off with their money in Chapter 1?


7. What animals does Curzon describe as the most fearful to him in the forest in Chapter 1?


8. Who is attributed to the quote that opens Chapter 2?

George Washington.

9. How does Curzon help the Patriot soldier when he faces off against the redcoat in Chapter 2?

He throws a rock at the redcoat.

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