Forge Character Descriptions

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Curzon Smith

This character is the protagonist in Forge. He relates his story of being an escaped slave and then forced by circumstances into joining the Patriot Army from a first-person perspective in the past tense.

Ebenezer “Eben” Woodruff

This character befriends the protagonist after the protagonist prevents his death by hitting a redcoat with a stone.

James Bellingham

This character is a businessman-turned-congressman. He was formerly the protagonist's master, but he agreed to free the protagonist after he had served his term. However, he later reneged on that offer and took the protagonist back into servitude at Moore Hall.


This character is the protagonist's friend and love interest. She previously rescued the protagonist from Bridewell Prison. They parted ways when she realized the protagonist was not leading her to find her sister.

John Burns

This character serves as an antagonist in the novel. He is a soldier...

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