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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Bond feed himself on a stakeout?

2. What kind of hat does Major Gonzales wear?

3. What does Bond fear about the marriage of Llewellyn to Masters?

4. What is Bond wearing four days after arriving at SHAPE while he is keeping watch over a glade near the D98?

5. What do the girls do after the shooting contest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Echo Lake.

2. Describe the place Bond discovers the spies to be hiding.

3. What is a "crash dive"?

4. Describe the circumstances of Bond's arrival at Echo Lake.

5. What is Bond's opinion of the governor?

6. How does Mary Ann Russell drive?

7. What equipment does Johns recommend Bond acquire for his mission?

8. Describe a male streamertail hummingbird.

9. What is the nature of Bond's displeasure with his flight to Montreal?

10. What does M mean when he says that every man in the fleet knows what to do except the commanding admiral?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book the reader finds Bond on his own in the forest. Using at least three examples, discuss how the author uses the woods, wildlife and natural beauty to ratchet up tension tension in the novel and develop the character of 007.

Essay Topic 2

Who is James Bond? Compare and contrast 007 with another favorite character of yours from film or literature. When you are finished, compare him to another Spy-type character.

Essay Topic 3

"If foreign gangsters find they can get away with this kind of thing they'll decide the English are as soft as some other people seem to think we are. This is a case for rough justice--an eye for an eye." With these words to M in the second chapter, Bond reveals much about his idea of justice. Where in the novel do we see Bond carrying out this form of justice. Do Bond's actions in the novel ever contradict this idea? Use specific examples.

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