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Short Answer Questions

1. On his approach to Echo Lake, who holds Bond at crossbow point?

2. Why is Bond uncomfortable in the Office of Works drawing room?

3. What is Major Gonzales's business with the Havelocks?

4. What prevents Bond from killing the assassin's cohorts?

5. What does Judy give Bond before proceeding with her plan?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does M mean when he says that every man in the fleet knows what to do except the commanding admiral?

2. What equipment does Johns recommend Bond acquire for his mission?

3. How does the Havelocks' meeting with Gonzales end?

4. Why does the Canadian Commissioner wish to keep the business of Colonel Johns and Bond at a distance?

5. What is Bond's opinion of the governor?

6. Describe the appearance of the assassin in the first chapter of the book.

7. Describe a male streamertail hummingbird.

8. Describe the circumstances of Bond's arrival at Echo Lake.

9. What does Bond think of Judy? How does he react to being discovered?

10. Describe Echo Lake.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fleming frequently relies on foreshadowing in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY to build suspense. Find three examples of this device in the novel and demonstrate how each works to involve the reader more deeply in the story.

Essay Topic 2

Select a chapter from FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. How does Fleming manipulate tone to draw the reader into the story. Is there an overriding tone? Does it shift at some point? When and why? Be very specific.

Essay Topic 3

Who is James Bond? Compare and contrast 007 with another favorite character of yours from film or literature. When you are finished, compare him to another Spy-type character.

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