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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Bond and Mrs. Krest discuss on the deck of the ship?
(a) Baseball.
(b) The stars.
(c) Politics.
(d) Fashion.

2. What does Mrs. Krest say she did on the night of Mr. Krest's death?
(a) Mrs. Krest says she stayed up all night crying.
(b) Mrs. Krest says she prayed all night.
(c) Mrs. Krest says she picked a fight with her husband.
(d) Mrs. Krest says she took a sleeping pill.

3. How does Enrico Colombo hear Bond and Kristato's discussion?
(a) Colombo is a lip reader.
(b) Colombo is capable of hearing a quiet conversation on the opposite side of a crowded room.
(c) Colombo has the maitre d'hotel place a chair with a tape recorder hidden inside of it at Bond's table.
(d) Colombo is seated at the table next to Bond and Kristatos.

4. When does Colombo say he worked for the English?
(a) Last year as an independent contractor.
(b) During the Italian Resistance in World War II.
(c) During Italian Resistance in World War II.
(d) Just after college when he was coaching soccer.

5. Why have Baum and Bond arranged to meet?
(a) Baum fancies Bond and wants time alone with him.
(b) Baum wishes to betray Enrico Colombo.
(c) Bond has a message for Baum from headquarters in London.
(d) Bond wants Baum to give him authentic stories of smuggling for his "adventure writing."

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does M send Bond to the Seychelles?

2. Where is Kristatos when he is killed?

3. What business does Barbey propose to Bond?

4. What is Mahe?

5. Where is Lisl Baum from?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Colombo so comfortable offering Lisl Baum to Bond as a reward?

2. How does Lisl Baum leave Enrico Colombo at the restaurant?

3. Why does Bond leave Lisl so soon after he arrives?

4. What does Bond do when he discovers Mr. Krest's corpse?

5. How does Bond save the lives of Colombo and his men?

6. How is Bond finally captured?

7. Who murders Mr. Krest?

8. Describe Fidele Barbey.

9. How does Colombo convince Bond to join forces with him?

10. What is the conspiracy that Colombo and Bond destroyed in "half an hour"?

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