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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Judy's response when Bond calls killing Von Hammerstein and his men "man's work"?
(a) Judy vanishes into the woods.
(b) Judy shoots Bond in the foot with an arrow.
(c) Judy tells Bond this is her business not his.
(d) Judy kicks Bond between his legs.

2. What special skills does M believe Bond can bring to the table at SHAPE.
(a) Bond can woo the locale women into telling him who committed the crime.
(b) M doesn't know.
(c) Bond can sense the invisible factor.
(d) Bond is the best killer in the world.

3. What must the members of a couple preserve in order to survive adversity?
(a) Their wedding vows.
(b) Their common humanity.
(c) Their wedding pictures.
(d) Their high esteem of one another.

4. What is the last thing Bond tells the Governor?
(a) Bond thanks the Governor for the cigars and brandy.
(b) Bond tells the Governor that he's sorry for blowing up his yacht.
(c) Bond says he thinks marrying an air hostess might be a bad idea after all.
(d) Bond says that he must pay more attention to people because he had initially found Mrs. Harvey Miller to be a terrible bore.

5. If he ever so decides, whom will Bond marry?
(a) An air hostess.
(b) A rich woman.
(c) A French model.
(d) A blond bombshell.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Bond insist his Americano be made with Perrier?

2. Who rescues Bond from the last spy's attack?

3. How does Judy find Echo Lake?

4. What does Bond think the gypsy camp could be?

5. What is Gonzales' signal to his "secretaries"?

Short Essay Questions

1. After killing the first spy, what gets Bond into trouble when he tries to deal with the others?

2. What does Bond think of Judy? How does he react to being discovered?

3. What comes of Rhoda's relationship with Tattersall?

4. Describe a male streamertail hummingbird.

5. What brings Bond to Nassau?

6. Describe Major Gonzales.

7. Describe the circumstances of Bond's arrival at Echo Lake.

8. Why does Bond remark that he would rather fly slowly and comfortably than fast and uncosseted?

9. What equipment does Johns recommend Bond acquire for his mission?

10. Why does the Canadian Commissioner wish to keep the business of Colonel Johns and Bond at a distance?

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