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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Enrico Colombo's nickname?
(a) The Zebra.
(b) The Jackal.
(c) The Dove.
(d) The Lion.

2. What kind of champagne is served on the Wavekrest at the "wingding"?
(a) Veuve Clicquot.
(b) Korbel.
(c) Dom Perignon.
(d) Pink champagne.

3. According to Bond which are the only two countries where rolls and butter are delicious?
(a) France and Spain.
(b) France and Italy.
(c) Germany and Spain.
(d) Spain and Italy.

4. How is Mrs. Krest's face on the journey away from Chagrin Island?
(a) Flushed from drinking vodka.
(b) Very sunburned.
(c) Alive with the joy of a successful mission.
(d) White with Mr. Krest's finger marks.

5. How does the Bagni Alberoni appear to Bond?
(a) Prosperous.
(b) Terrifying.
(c) Dilapidated.
(d) Magical.

6. What is the last thing Lisl Baum does to Colombo before leaving the restaurant?
(a) Baum plants a kiss on his cheek.
(b) Baum throws a glass of wine in his face.
(c) Baum turns and winks at him.
(d) Baum caresses his hand.

7. What cargo does the Albanian trawler contain?
(a) A year's supply of refined heroin.
(b) A year's supply of raw opium.
(c) $10,000,000 in cash.
(d) $100,000,000 in gold.

8. What is the second condition of Kristatos' arrangement with Bond?
(a) Bond will never return to Italy.
(b) Bond will do a small personal favor for Kristatos.
(c) Bond will not reveal the source of his information even if he is beaten.
(d) Bond will arrange a marriage for Kristatos's sister.

9. What is the best train from Rome to Venice?
(a) The Laguna Express.
(b) The Bagni Alberoni.
(c) The Acela.
(d) The Venezetti Local.

10. How does Mr. Krest behave at the party?
(a) Mr. Krest gets very drunk and insults everyone.
(b) Mr. Krest seems distant.
(c) Mr. Krest is joyful and wins back everyone.
(d) Mr. Krest suddenly acts very feminine.

11. At their first meeting what is Bond's impression of Kristatos?
(a) Bond finds Kristatos to be highly professional.
(b) Bond finds Kristatos to have very bad taste.
(c) Bond finds Kristatos to be very sloppy.
(d) Bond finds Kristatos to be the kind of man with whom he could have a long friendship.

12. Who is "the only man on the island who doesn't carry a machete"?
(a) James Bond.
(b) M.
(c) Fidele Barbey.
(d) Milton Krest.

13. According to Bond what are the best months in Venice?
(a) March and December.
(b) June and July.
(c) September and October.
(d) May and October.

14. What does Kristatos say Lisl Baum is?
(a) A virtuous woman.
(b) A surprisingly witty young lady.
(c) A luxus whore.
(d) A victim of Enrico Colombo.

15. What does the Prime Minister consider the smuggling of heroin into Britain to be?
(a) Almost a personal insult.
(b) A joke.
(c) An act of psychological war.
(d) A minor irritation.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Bond what is the "usual story of big syndicate crime"?

2. How does Mr. Krest finally catch the Hildebrand Rarity?

3. What drink does Bond order when sits at Kristatos's table?

4. What does Bond hunt in the beginning of the chapter?

5. Why have Baum and Bond arranged to meet?

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