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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the girls do after the shooting contest?
(a) The girls bathe in the sun.
(b) The girls argue over who will spend the night with the winner.
(c) The girls swim out into the lake.
(d) The girls sullenly return to the house.

2. According to M, who is the only man in the fleet who does not know what to do?
(a) The cook.
(b) The commanding admiral.
(c) The midshipman.
(d) The firstmate.

3. Why does the assassin wait until he is twenty yards away to shoot the rider?
(a) The assassin's gun is not very powerful.
(b) The assassin doesn't trust himself.
(c) The assassin wants to create a safety margin for himself.
(d) The assassin has bad eyesight.

4. What is the source of Harvey Miller's money?
(a) Real Estate.
(b) Oil.
(c) Technology stocks.
(d) Natural Gas.

5. What is Bond's personal sidearm?
(a) A Baretta.
(b) A Walther PPK.
(c) A Colt.
(d) A tommygun.

6. How does Rhoda humiliate Masters?
(a) Rhoda walks around the colony babbling nonsense day and night.
(b) Rhoda gives personal photographs of Masters to a local journalist who publishes them in his paper.
(c) Rhoda has an affair with a rich man at the club and makes no attempt to hide it.
(d) Rhoda blabs all of Masters' personal information to anyone at the club who will listen.

7. What is the winning gunman's reward?
(a) Ten thousand dollars.
(b) A medium-calibre automatic.
(c) A Caribbean cruise.
(d) One night with one of Von Hammerstein's girls.

8. What must the members of a couple preserve in order to survive adversity?
(a) Their common humanity.
(b) Their wedding vows.
(c) Their high esteem of one another.
(d) Their wedding pictures.

9. What happens to the Havelocks' bottles for Guavas?
(a) The bottles fill with mold.
(b) The bottles get mashed.
(c) The Havelocks never have any bottles.
(d) The bottles shatter.

10. How does Bond feel about what he is going to have to do to Von Hammerstein and his men?
(a) Bond loves it.
(b) Bond feels nothing.
(c) Bond does not like it.
(d) Bond is nervous about it.

11. After the affair how does Masters treat Rhoda?
(a) Masters refuses to see Rhoda.
(b) Indifferently.
(c) Very coldly.
(d) Very forgivingly.

12. Why does the Governor ask Bond to dinner?
(a) M arranges the meeting.
(b) The Governor invites Bond only as a duty.
(c) Bond blew up the Governor's boat.
(d) Bond and the Governor are fast friends.

13. Where is Content located?
(a) In Bermuda.
(b) In the foothills of Candlefly Peak.
(c) In the Green Mountains.
(d) In the far west of the Blue Mountains.

14. Where does Mary Ann Russell find Bond?
(a) SHAPE.
(b) Paris Intelligence Headquarters.
(c) Fouquet's.
(d) Harry's Bar.

15. At the beginning of the chapter, what kind of vehicle is the assassin using?
(a) A helicopter.
(b) A Ferrari.
(c) A bicycle.
(d) A motorcycle.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to M, who are "well-dug" in the banana republics?

2. How does M know the Havelocks?

3. Why can one not drink seriously in a French cafe according to Bond?

4. How does Mrs. Havelock occupy herself while she watches the birds?

5. How does the assassin leave the scene without a trace?

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