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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the pamphlet Bond reads at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters make the Mounties sound like?
(a) A mixture between an old west sheriff, and a marine batallion.
(b) A mixure between a dude ranch, Dick Tracy and "Rose Marie".
(c) A mixure between Dirty Harry, Mickey Mantle and Marilyn Monroe.
(d) A mixture between the Secret Service and the KGB.

2. After the affair how does Masters treat Rhoda?
(a) Very forgivingly.
(b) Indifferently.
(c) Very coldly.
(d) Masters refuses to see Rhoda.

3. Why is Russell coming for Bond?
(a) Russell needs his help finding her mother's killer.
(b) Bond is required at Station F.
(c) Bond stole her gun.
(d) Russell is in love with him.

4. Why is Bond in Nassau?
(a) Bond's sister lives there.
(b) Bond is on a routine investigation job.
(c) Bond has just escaped from the hands of terrorists.
(d) Bond's ex-wife lives in there.

5. What is the Mid-Ocean?
(a) A tennis club.
(b) An ice rink.
(c) A diving club.
(d) A golf club.

6. What special skills does M believe Bond can bring to the table at SHAPE.
(a) Bond can woo the locale women into telling him who committed the crime.
(b) M doesn't know.
(c) Bond can sense the invisible factor.
(d) Bond is the best killer in the world.

7. How does the assassin leave the scene without a trace?
(a) He flies off using a jet-pack.
(b) He is lifted out by a helicopter.
(c) He tiptoes.
(d) He rides his motorcycle away slowly in order to leave no skid marks.

8. How does Judy find Echo Lake?
(a) The Pinkertons find the location for her.
(b) Colonel Johns drives her there.
(c) Judy searches on her own for two years.
(d) M gives her the location.

9. What is the assassin disguised as?
(a) A Royal Corps of Signals dispatch-rider.
(b) An Austrian folk dancer.
(c) A beautiful French woman.
(d) A gypsy.

10. How does Bond lure the assassin to him?
(a) Bond imitates the sound of a motorcycle engine.
(b) Bond learns the spies' secret password.
(c) Bond disguises himself as a Royal Corps of Signals dispatch-rider.
(d) Bond takes the assassin's cohort hostage.

11. What becomes of Rhoda after the divorce?
(a) Rhoda reconciles with Tattersall and they are very happy.
(b) Rhoda has a pretty rough time and then marries the Canadian millionaire Harvey Miller.
(c) Rhoday begs for many years and then returns to Nassau to murder Masters.
(d) Rhoda commits suicide.

12. How does the assassin cover his tracks?
(a) He steals the rider's wallet and wristwatch, and scuffs leaves over the crashed motorcycle's tire marks.
(b) He does not attempt to cover his tracks.
(c) He rides on to headquarters and impersonates the dispatch-rider.
(d) He changes his disguise.

13. How does M know the Havelocks?
(a) M dated Mrs. Havelock as a younger man.
(b) M was the best man in their wedding.
(c) M served under Colonel Havelock.
(d) M and the Colonel grew up together.

14. What does Masters "settle" on to occupy is wife?
(a) Scuba.
(b) Ice skating.
(c) Tennis.
(d) Golf.

15. Where does Mary Ann Russell find Bond?
(a) Harry's Bar.
(b) Fouquet's.
(c) Paris Intelligence Headquarters.
(d) SHAPE.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bond fear about the marriage of Llewellyn to Masters?

2. What is Gonzales' signal to his "secretaries"?

3. Why does Bond dislike Nassau?

4. How is Von Hammerstein killed?

5. What is Bond's last question to Colonel Johns?

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