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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Von Hammerstein killed?
(a) He is shot with an arrow.
(b) He is shot with a rifle.
(c) He steps on a mine.
(d) He drinks poisoned coffee.

2. What does Von Hammerstein begin immediately after exiting the house?
(a) Laughing hysterically.
(b) A five-minute physical drill.
(c) Kicking furniture.
(d) Shooting everyone.

3. How does Bond travel to Montreal?
(a) The Friday Comet.
(b) By helicopter.
(c) By jetpack.
(d) By oceanliner.

4. What is Bond's last question to Colonel Johns?
(a) Bond asks what one has to do to become a Mounty.
(b) Bond asks for directions to the chemist who will give him walnut stain.
(c) Bond asks if the Savage rifle's trigger is a single pull or a double.
(d) Bond asks how far it is from the woods to the house at Echo Lake.

5. What does the Governor smoke throughout the chapter?
(a) A cigar.
(b) A cigarette.
(c) A houka.
(d) A pipe.

6. How does Judy find Echo Lake?
(a) The Pinkertons find the location for her.
(b) M gives her the location.
(c) Colonel Johns drives her there.
(d) Judy searches on her own for two years.

7. What is Gonzales' signal to his "secretaries"?
(a) Gonzales winks his right eye.
(b) Gonzales places his finger behind his back and snaps.
(c) Gonzales winks his left eye.
(d) Gonzales laughs.

8. What is Judy's response when Bond calls killing Von Hammerstein and his men "man's work"?
(a) Judy kicks Bond between his legs.
(b) Judy shoots Bond in the foot with an arrow.
(c) Judy tells Bond this is her business not his.
(d) Judy vanishes into the woods.

9. What is the source of Harvey Miller's money?
(a) Natural Gas.
(b) Real Estate.
(c) Technology stocks.
(d) Oil.

10. How does the assassin leave the scene without a trace?
(a) He rides his motorcycle away slowly in order to leave no skid marks.
(b) He is lifted out by a helicopter.
(c) He flies off using a jet-pack.
(d) He tiptoes.

11. What does Bond fear about the marriage of Llewellyn to Masters?
(a) Bond fear Llewellyn is not entirely honest about her identity.
(b) Bond fears Llewellyn marries Masters only to get close to him and kill him.
(c) Bond fears Llewellyn marries Masters because she thinks he is rich.
(d) Bond fears Llewellyn marries Masters because she thinks his life sounds exciting and grand.

12. How long does Colonel Johns say it should take Bond to get to Frelighsburg?
(a) Five hours.
(b) Three hours.
(c) Seven hours.
(d) Six hours.

13. At the beginning of the chapter, what kind of vehicle is the assassin using?
(a) A Ferrari.
(b) A motorcycle.
(c) A helicopter.
(d) A bicycle.

14. What kind of car does Russell drive?
(a) A battered Peugeot.
(b) A Mustang.
(c) A Corvette.
(d) A shiny BMW.

15. What is Bond's general opinion of Judy?
(a) He has little interest in her.
(b) He finds her suspicious.
(c) He finds her irritating.
(d) He finds her wonderful.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Gonzales do after his secretaries have finished their task?

2. Why is Russell coming for Bond?

3. How does Von Hammerstein manage to stay alive so effectively according to Bond?

4. What is the winning gunman's reward?

5. What is in Bond's flask?

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