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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Risico, pages 121-141.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bond discover the spies' hideout?
(a) In Jamaica.
(b) In a tree-house.
(c) Inside of SHAPE.
(d) Under a briar-rose-covered mound.

2. How much money is the British Prime Minister prepared to give Bond to use in order to bust the smugglers?
(a) £100,000
(b) £500,000
(c) £10,000
(d) £1,000,000

3. How does Rhoda humiliate Masters?
(a) Rhoda blabs all of Masters' personal information to anyone at the club who will listen.
(b) Rhoda has an affair with a rich man at the club and makes no attempt to hide it.
(c) Rhoda gives personal photographs of Masters to a local journalist who publishes them in his paper.
(d) Rhoda walks around the colony babbling nonsense day and night.

4. According to Bond, what are the best things in America?
(a) Marilyn Monroe and The New York Yankees.
(b) Chipmunks and oyster stew.
(c) The Boston Redsocks and Doris Day.
(d) Maple syrup and bluebirds.

5. What is the assassin disguised as?
(a) A Royal Corps of Signals dispatch-rider.
(b) An Austrian folk dancer.
(c) A gypsy.
(d) A beautiful French woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Head of F tell Bond?

2. According to Bond what are the best months in Venice?

3. Where is Von Hammerstein when he is killed?

4. Von Hammerstein counts down for the gunmen in what language?

5. What does the pamphlet Bond reads at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters make the Mounties sound like?

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