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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Risico, pages 102-121.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the assassin kill the dispatch-rider?
(a) To satisfy his pathological urge to kill.
(b) To obtain the top-secret intelligence he carries.
(c) To win a bet.
(d) To avenge the death of his father.

2. How does Bond tell Kristatos he will deal with Colombo?
(a) Bond will try to befriend Colombo.
(b) Bond will see that he and Colombo never cross paths.
(c) If Colombo tries to destroy Bond, Bond will destroy him.
(d) If Colombo comes after Bond, he will take his girlfriend hostage.

3. What is the third condition of Kristatos' arrangement with Bond?
(a) Bond must kill Enrico Colombo.
(b) Bond must teach Kristatos how to play cricket.
(c) Bond must join Kristatos for his wife's birthday party.
(d) Bond must arrange for a British visa for Kristatos.

4. What does Bond fear about the marriage of Llewellyn to Masters?
(a) Bond fear Llewellyn is not entirely honest about her identity.
(b) Bond fears Llewellyn marries Masters because she thinks he is rich.
(c) Bond fears Llewellyn marries Masters because she thinks his life sounds exciting and grand.
(d) Bond fears Llewellyn marries Masters only to get close to him and kill him.

5. What is Bond's general opinion of Judy?
(a) He finds her irritating.
(b) He finds her suspicious.
(c) He finds her wonderful.
(d) He has little interest in her.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Bond about the gypsy camp?

2. What is Bond's personal sidearm?

3. What are the gunmen's targets in their shooting contest?

4. According to M, who are "well-dug" in the banana republics?

5. How is Von Hammerstein killed?

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